Self Respect

self respect and worth

It amazes me the lack of self respect among some people particularly women. I see Facebook profiles and covers that would make a hooker blush but somehow these seem to be a matter of pride. Just how raunchy can someone get seems to be the goal. One a middle aged married woman seems to think that this is fun. I assume either her husband left her and she is shopping for another or she really doesn’t respect him either. Others are young women that really don’t know any better and have no idea what self respect means. It is very sad that the only way they can get attention is by flaunting body parts that everyone has. There is no thought to the idea that these are public displays. Employers and everyone else on the planet sees these. I am not sure about other countries but in the US it is now common for Human Resource departments to Google candidates for jobs. Don’t know what jobs these women are looking for but unless it is the Bunny Ranch in Vegas I think they may be out of luck. Facebook is a wonderful social media platform to meet friends and to promote causes and interests. It is a shame that people like this like to use it as a platform for their own prurient interests.

No wonder young people end up being stalked by pedophiles and young women minding their own business are hit on by the proverbial dirty old men with these kinds of people.

The take away from this is that your social profile is your introduction to the world. Do you really want people to think that all you are is someone with nothing better to do than flash them?? I guess the rest of us just need to block people that think crotch shots are cool profile pictures.