When I was a kid

meet me as a kid

When I was a kid
Things were simpler
We got pushed
Out the door to play.
Snow was magical
And wanted.
Five dollars was a fortune.
TV was a privilege
and could be taken away.
Adults had the last say
No matter who they were.
We used our imaginations
Fields became dream houses.
Trees ships going
to exotic places.
We weren’t regimented
Like soldiers marching to success.
Sundays were church and
rides in cars going nowhere.
Girls wore dresses
and back patent shoes.
Boys miniature suits
and ties.
Holidays were dress up
Occasions, made them special.
we had a children’s table
Just for us.
lazy summers with hula hoops
and basketball.
When the neighbors got a color tv
it was a special occasion.
We all looked in wonder.
We knew the thrill of space
and Ed Sullivan.
Things weren’t perfect,
we had Vietnam and the bomb.
Hid under our desks in case
of a nuclear attack.
Evidently school desks were
protection from radiation.
Yep that was the world
when I was a kid.