I find it interesting the comparisons between 1968 and now. I was a college student. We protested about the Vietnam War. Every day on TV we watched men killed live. It was the first war that was reported daily with video of the action. Many of our friends got drafted and many of us lost a lot of them. It is the essence of youth to want to change the status quo. In a way, I understand the kids of today. The problem is they want to shut people up we wanted to have everyone hear us and to stop the killing. Yes, we were as naive as they are now but I think we were better informed. We had no choice we lived the issue day after day. Chalk on a sidewalk?? Really? Maybe they should see what happened at the Chicago Democratic convention or Kent State. If you want to protest by all means please do but listen to others. Have something meaningful to protest. People are being murdered all over the world and you are worried about a safe place? One of the things you will learn if you ever leave college is there are no safe places. The world is a large, mean, scary place and you are in school to learn the skills to survive it.

We do them no service to give into silly demands. They learn nothing but they can be delusional about expectations in the future. These kids are our future. If they can’t stand up intelligently to the establishment with their demands we are all doomed. As to our political system now, I think that people forget that mine was the generation that changed society. That helped women become equal. Helped to establish and change the way people of color are treated in this country. We marched for equal rights for everyone and got gassed and hit with rubber bullets. Some even died.

Today  the spotlight is on the corruption of the political agendas of both parties. This is something to protest about. We have learned though throughout our lifetime that true change comes from the voting booth and political action not whining about how you are personally treated. As for me, I intend to do my protesting at the voting booth for today’s NY primary.

I wish them well these baby protestors but if you want a revolution you need to have some courage get out of your safe place, get your own chalk, vote and run for office. There is nothing like a good intelligent argument from an informed person to bring about change.

Old fish smell

old fish

Is it me? Now that we are being courted by both parties here in New York, I keep hearing both sides legitimizing the delegate process by calling it the rules of the “game”. Since when is the selection of the person that will determine our future over the next four years and probably beyond a “game”. They also tout “this is the way it has always been”. Try that in business and see how fast you end up on the losing side or unemployed. It is the time our voting system was overhauled from the ground up to keep up with our new Internet age. Maybe they keep it that way so the dinosaurs in Congress and state jobs can keep those positions. With every move being scrutinized it would behoove the parties to take a long look at their selection process and maybe ditch the delegate system altogether. Have debates with all recognized parties included and then have people vote online who they would like to run then vote online? Take the money we the taxpayers give to these parties for their farces and put it towards a new system. If this delegate selection process is private to the respective parties they need to pay for it themselves. 

Both parties have a strangle hold on this country and now with the speed of the internet and cable news, we are seeing all of their mechanizations exposed. No other party can even get a foothold due to the billions of dollars these parties have to play with. Every lobbyist and special interest have a finger in the pie til there is no pie left for the individual. Over the years, they have gained control over our country and it needs to stop. Write your representatives. Don’t donate to either party til they clean up their act. They don’t need your money the greedy buggers have more than they even need and will just keep perpetuating this comedy on all of us as long as we play along and let them. 

The whole thing smells like old fish time to dump the trash. 

Wake Up America

wake up garfield

So now Donald Trump has declared for the Republicans as a candidate. We have Bush, Rubio and who knows who else. In the Democratic camp, they are dragging tired old Hillary and her pantsuits. Independents can’t get together and decide who they want to run or what they are. Sprinkle in all the other oddball parties and you have one hell of a mess.

I have an idea America wake up to the fact they all have their hands in our pockets. While you are running around sanctifying your candidate and demonizing all others they just laugh. I am quite sure they all laugh at the American public when they are not being watched.

Some people follow any candidate, any platform no matter how odious or idiotic it is just because it is that party. Grandpa voted that way, the union votes that way, Mable down the block does too so hell just let me pull the lever.

I have a wild idea. How about we listen to ALL the candidates. Vote for the guy that really has our interests not theirs into office. The electoral process also has to be revamped. We need our one vote to count not be clumped in with a bunch of others to get someone so they can vote. It is stupid in this day and age. Maybe start voting by cell phone and the internet. If we can order everything from groceries to underwear that way why the hell can’t we vote that way too??

So friends please, please, please stop voting in the same twits because they are in a certain party. None of them are saints and none of them are Satan in disguise. Do your country a favor. Vote with your brain. Try thinking about the issues and how it affects the country and yourselves.

Do you really want China to own the United States? Have prisoners that are avowed to kill Americans released to free a traitor? Have a representative that is so arrogant she has her own server in her house and has taken money from every country even those against us? Put just one more in a family that has had too many shots at the White House?? Think about it because your future and the future of your children depend on it.

We need less of political rhetoric and more patriotism.

Political parties Washington

The election isn’t until next year but already the nasty, hateful political posts are beginning. The Republicans if you are to believe their detractors hate the poor, only interested in money and are war criminals. The Democrats are weak, liberal and could care less about America. How about looking into each candidate and making an intelligent choice based on what they stand for and their past actions?? Hmmm? Ignorant posts are being made all over Facebook that are laughable if the fate of the country wasn’t at stake.

Don’t people care anymore about the laws that are passed? The same idiots and self-serving rich guys of both parties keep getting voted in. Now campaigns are in the billions, not even millions. A regular person that cares about this country hasn’t got a chance in hell of being elected. Our outdated systems ensure that even if the popular vote is higher the electoral vote is what counts. Why? We don’t take two weeks on horseback to elect officials anymore. Voting is instantaneous or would be if states would get themselves together. Internet voting should be allowed. If a person is legally registered why can’t a vote be cast on the web?

Please, people, look further into who will be running your country. Just because a guy has been in office isn’t a reason to put him back there. Look into the honesty of the person you are voting for. If they constantly lie do you really want them making YOUR laws??

carlin selfish citizens

Get active if you care that much. Stop reposting ridiculous claims on Facebook and other social media sites. I would love to see all political parties abolished and direct voting commence, but that will never happen with the lobbyists and the complacency of the American people.

Jefferson abolish government

So when they pass law that infringe on your rights, have an Internal Revenue service that is out of control and you pay at least half your earnings to support all this I hope you remember your precious parties. What have they done for you. I think you will see that they have done nothing. You have been fooled by foolish rhetoric and swallowed all of it.

Do Political arguments have to be nasty??

Politics and fighting

I don’t understand why politics have to be nasty? When I see one politico talking about every bit of dirt about their opponents and ignoring issues it worries me. When you have politicians like the Clintons with billion dollar war chests it pretty much excludes any one else in the race. No doubt we will be seeing a hell of a lot of Hillary in the coming months. Nothing about issues or what will help the country all about the other candidates and everything nasty that can be said. Lets not leave out the Republicans. Although they currently don’t have a front runner like Hillary they have several waiting in the wings and a few that have announced. The whole thing has become a circus and we the public are the clowns.

emmitt Kelly

Screaming and yelling at each other instead of thoughtfully looking at who is running and what is best for the country. We are in a bad place in the world. At a precipice that may mean another World War. While the politicians in the west run around raising money for their campaigns instead of governing, Isis is destroying the Middle East. We are seen as weak well hell all we do is fight each other like some South American dictatorship. Our government no longer is respected. No wonder Russia is running all over gathering up territory. Not like anyone is going to stop them. Castro must be laughing his ass off at us. Jack Kennedy must be spinning like a top. It took guts to stand up to Russia but who remembers that?

Please, Please, Please don’t fight, LISTEN. Look for the candidate that will do the best for the country not the one that is the candidate for the party you have voted for because you always did. Tradition is nice but has no place in deciding the very important place that a person will hold in history. Your vote determines your future, the future of your children and our world. Take it seriously. Fights belong on the playground not in decisions that impact millions. Also bear in mind when you hear all those TV ads who is paying for them? Why? Don’t be swayed by who has the biggest pocketbook.

dont vote don't complain


gullibility both parties.

It amazes me how people just follow along party lines. Part of the problem in this country is nobody is questioning motives. They just vote and repeat party lines. The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats and the people just swallow everything said. All I ask is check the facts. Forget what party is which look at the record do they reflect your values? Do they respect our Democracy? Why are they in office? Do they care about this country or their own egos?

Politicians by default are egotistical people. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be in politics. Look at the number of millionaires in both parties. The average person hasn’t got a snow balls chance in hell of attaining political office because money is the currency of government these days.

People wake up. We need to limit the amount any politician can spend I say we limit it to $250,000. Let’s see what happens then. Also no contributions from lobbyists, foreign governments, corporations and others that will use our government for their own purpose.

Our government is for the people by the people and should not be bought by the highest bidders.