The Nano Poblano Oddly Specifically Gratitude Blog Hop Day: 27

Galesmind here. Thanks Willdot21 for tagging me for gratefulness.
1. Finding WordPress and some really great writers I now consider my friends.
2. Discovering my voice and poetry again
3. Rescues for their unseflishness and my four dogs and a cat.
4. Clean water from the Catskills that magically shows up in my tap
5. Not having to kill things to eat
6. My home
7. My family including my husband and best friend
8. Facebook for my friends there who have become real friends
9. Living in a society where I can be a person and not the chattel or property of another
10. Technology oh I love that stuff
11. Retirement so I can be my own person at last.

I would like to tag

Lucky Otter was my first follow on WordPress and I learn so much from her.  Just a privilege to be on the same blog as she is.




The Nano Poblano Oddly Specific Gratitude Blog Hop

Thanks to grandmalin for tagging me to continue this rather impressive list of gratefulness.  I’m happy to have discovered so many new blogging friends, especially the ones who are drunk on life.  There is no better way to be.

Here are the rules

Add to the list with your own oddly specific bits of gratitude. Add as few or as many things as you’d like. Include a picture or two if you’d like… but you certainly don’t have to. Put your name at the top of the list to see where yours started and the next blogger’s begins.Tag the post with the usual pepper tags and oddly specific gratitude. Tag another pepper to add to the list by linking to their About page, but there’s a catch! When you tag the next blogger, be sure to include a bit about why you’re grateful to be…

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The Spider and the fly

Welcome to my parlor

Ah hello little fly
how beautiful your wings
all colors of the rainbow
shining in the sun.

You are a beautiful little fly
we could be good friends
You and I.

Come closer darling
so I can see you better
We spiders don’t see
that well you know.

Closer still little fly
Such good friends
You and I.

Don’t said the little
yellow bird it’s a trap.
She will just use you
and eat you up.

Go away little bird
I know you lie
I love this little fly.

No, No don’t listen
you soon will be
eaten and sad
She is evil can’t you see?

Ha evil me?
You will eat that fly
You bird will make her die.

I won’t listen said the fly
the spider is my friend.
Look how good she is to me
Go away bird leave us be.

Come closer buzz right here
Come closer little fly.
You are my friend
I will never hurt you.

The bird is jealous
that you are prettier
and younger than she

I tried and tried
to tell you the truth
Now the spider will have you
and you will never be free.

The fly flew closer
into the spider’s embrace
the web tightened
and wrapped around the fly.

Here you will be safe
Little fly

The spider bounced
on the web
and skittered away.

Leaving the fly
to be dinner one day.

Be careful of spiders
they lie.

Living with Gratitude not negativity

negativity butterfly

What is it with negative people? Always looking for something to complain about. You know the type if the sun is out they might get a sunburn. If it is raining their hair gets frizzy or their arthritis acts up. They hate everybody and everything.

There is so much to be grateful for. We live in a time where most of us have enough to eat, clean water is delivered to our homes. We don’t have to work sun up to sun down just to make enough to feed ourselves. With all the appliances in the kitchen cooking takes at most a couple of hours instead of days. Our lifespan is twice what it was just a couple of generations ago. Most of us have access to health care of some kind. A lot of people are lucky enough to own a bit of property. We go on vacations unheard of except for the very wealthy in the recent past. Our children survive being born and thrive for the most part. We have authorities to protect us and the individual doesn’t have to protect himself from robbery and murder. Entertained all day long with television and electronic devices. Thinking nothing of jumping in a car and going hundreds of miles. Education is the norm for most people today when even literacy used to be only for the very few. Although far from perfect most countries have freedom of religion.

Other parts of the world are not so lucky. People live in fear every day. Getting enough to eat is a challenge. Many die from lack of just clean water. Thousands are murdered in the name of religion. Education specially for women is unheard of. Many cannot read and are at the mercy of their male relatives. People work long hard days at physical labor just to bring home enough money for a bit of food. They die at a young age for a lack of any proper medical care.

Perhaps we should take a minute and be thankful that we live in the society we do instead of complaining all the time about what we don’t have.

Courage in admiration of a friend

courage brave lion

Just read a blog post from Allylakeside.

She is my friend but I had no idea the hell she had been through before I knew her. She survived and is a fighter today. Many times she has gotten attacked for standing up for others yet doesn’t let that slow her down one iota. Along with her difficult past she has physical issues that she fights every day. She does this with a deliciously wicked sense of humor.

Many women that are in similar situations dry up and blow away. Not my friend. She stands up and roars like a lion. From a shy abused girl to a young woman denigrated and made to feel less than a person she rose like a phoenix. I am in awe.

I hope that this post is shared far and wide as it will show those that are in similar circumstances there is hope and to get out from under these abusive situations.

We never know what is going on behind closed doors. Those people that seem so together so calm and kind can be monsters in private. Be aware of others. If you see a young woman that looks beaten down and afraid please speak out. You might save a life.

Psychopaths, narcissists and sociopaths do not change. EVER. They need to denigrate others to feel alive and in control. They don’t stop with just being mildly abusive. When they see that they can control and manipulate people they push and push. Further and further down until there is little left of the original person.

They are geniuses at seeking out damaged, needy souls too. They isolate them until they have complete control. This is how they live.

There are several of my friends that have escaped similar circumstances. One was almost murdered by her husband before she escaped. This is a terrible problem in our society and as long as we have people that consider other people less than human it will continue.

Lest you think that it is only women that are abused in this manner many men are also victims. They are afraid to speak out because in our society they are the object of fun that they cannot stand up to a woman. A deranged, jealous partner is the same male or female and must be feared.

Psychopaths and narcissistic sociopaths live among us. The more I am on Word Press the more I see of this. Facebook is riddled with those that take advantage of others whether using them to attack others or scam money out of them. Be aware of the signs and put distance between yourself and them.  If you are in a relationship with another person and they try to isolate you, denigrate you GET OUT. People who love and respect others do not isolate, denigrate or manipulate them. Stay safe my friends.

courage and dignity

Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

snake woman head

Who is she
Who is she
Who is she

She came in the shop
She talked to you in the street
Who is she?
You are mine

You do not need
Any one Else
Who is she?

I saw your phone
it had her number in it
why are you calling her
or them

Who are they?
These women
I am all you need
All you will ever need

Just virtual friends
too far away you say
to steal your heart
from me?

No I will destroy
Anyone who comes near
our love
Our perfect love

you will make me mad

I cannot take not
having you
caring for you
being in your soul

Obsession the Web the fourth

web with man

You are mine
Closer, closer come closer
There you are wrapped
In my web

Where are you going?
Stay here you cannot go
without me
You will never go

She can’t have you
can’t touch you
or speak to you
or breath near you

Mine I cannot live
without you
I will not live
without you

Wrapped in my embrace
wrapped close
you need no one else

Closer still
you cannot stray
In my web