Paranormal and the thinking mind

face Erlend Mork

Wonder why we are so fascinated with the paranormal. I think that it is an innate fear of the unknown and death. I can picture early man when confronted with the unexplained sudden death of someone they cared about blaming the forces of nature. After all they didn’t know a cause of death unless an animal attacked or there was an accident. They had no idea of disease except it came and stopped people from being animated and moving. Burial probably started as a means of keeping wild animals at bay. After time it became more and more ritualistic. We fear that which we do not know. Disease and natural occurrences can seem like the workings of the Gods or malevolent spirits. Noises in a cave filled with darkness except for the flickering of a small fire must be terrifying. Shadows become ghosts and spirits of the dead.

ghost girl

Do spirits, Gods and ghosts exist? Maybe they do or maybe it is the human mind making sense of the senseless. Many of the myths and stories that have come down to us have a lot of the same basis. Many of the stories of the bible have similarities to Egyptian mythology. Not that the bible is untrue it is just also stories and myths that may have had a grain of truth. It is a guide and the stories are used to illustrate the social behavior that the particular society found beneficial. There are several books that were deleted and what we have now really doesn’t reflect the original intent.

What happens when we die ? We are no further in that quest than early man. Even with numerous experiments and tales of beyond we really don’t know. There was even an experiment measuring if the soul left the body at death. A dying person is on a bed on a scale and at the moment of death and before weights are taken. Others have come back from near death and told tales of the beyond. Is this a safety mechanism of the brain to deal with the idea of dying and not existing any more? It is a very terrifying concept. Or is it really a realm beyond?

Article on the weighing of the soul.

All in all it is a fascinating subject. While things like Vampires I do not believe exist except in the adolescent mine are easily disproved (sorry Nosferatu). Others continue to fascinate and occupy our minds. As for me, I do hope there is an existence of some sort after death. It would be wonderful if we can see those that went before and death can be conquered but I am just not sure. My logical mind says no we are just a creation of nature and like all natural things have an existence and then make way for others. My heart however yearns for the hereafter. Perhaps someday I will know for sure. Just hope it isn’t too soon. I like it here.

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