Damsel in Distress – Or Devil in Disguise?


Tied up, broke down, Screaming.

Who will be the male to fall for it?

With every whimper scheming.

Poor little me, all alone

He falls for every cry

Becomes all undone

Poor things about to die.

Here I come to save the day

Swiftly he will fill the gap

Don’t worry I am on the way!

He fails to see the trap

devil woman

Too late, he will see her

For what she is underneath.

Tied up to save another,

Who escaped her whims; her teeth.

For the Damsel is the devil you see

Looking for fresh meat,

And he has come to be

Her new creature, swift and neat.

Until he too escapes her claws

When you see a damsel in distress

Stop and give pause

For she isn’t in a mess.

She is just hungry.