Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete

Her mind has met defeat.

She skitters to and fro

Nowhere to go

But down and down

Into the abyss

Where all is amiss.

Shattered mind, empty soul

Destroys her role

As lover so divine

Vixen so sublime.

You see she looked too close

Saw the future as it arose

Around her

Inside her

To bind her

To her shattered mind.

Green Eyed Monster

It grabs you silently by the heart

Gives you a sudden start.

Fending off yet another

Possible, maybe lover.

Sexting, email all are suspect

Loss of all your own self-respect.

Chase them down give them misery

Such is your sad history.

Look in the mirror long and hard

Shatter your love shard by shard.

Can’t admit it is he that he cheated

and made your love defeated.

The list goes on and on it seems

Shatters all your dreams.

The spikey tail of jealousy and its’ sting

You cannot cope, you cannot bring

Yourself to understand your love

Is not a sweet and gentle dove

But a poorly disguised rat

and it isn’t the others that

Betrayed you.

Dismayed you.

It was the viper in your breast

That destroyed your little nest.





He comes on quiet feet

When you don’t expect to meet.

Will you be ready for his call?

Have you been here at all?

Did you love feel it’s embrace?

Did you feel compassion’s grace?

Were there sunsets that broke your heart?

Sunrises that tore you apart?

Did you see the world and all it’s glory?

Read a child a bedtime story?

What will you pack and take

Into death’s dark lake?

Fill your suitcase with love and beauty

or ledger books and memories of duty?

Will anyone cry when you leave

Will they miss you and grieve?

Or be glad your gone and they are free

of you and always be

filled with pain that you left behind

To everyone you remind

of what was or what could be?

Will you be shackled or free?

For each of us death will visit

cannot hide or miss it.

Our time on Earth is short and can be sweet

If we show love to those we meet.

In the Mirror

gemini in the rain2

Photo by Gale A. Molinari

In the Mirror

She sees herself

not what she has become.

A sad reflection

Of humanity.

Betrayed and betrayer

Madness twisting her heart

Once a lovely rose

Now just a reflection

And thorns lots of thorns

That pierce her heart

and the heart

Of those she loved.

She trusted and was trusted

As she struck others

She was struck

The bleeding

is her own doing.

Her revenge and her punishment.



Precipice by Rafell90 Deviant Art.


Leaning into to wind

she stands on a precipice

of her own making.

He is gone nothing left.

Her past is looming up

Catching up.

Trapping her

In disaster.

Will she leap

Throw herself at

life’s mercy?

Fight the inevitable

tooth and claws scratching

at nothingness?

Or will she float away

by her own hand


Time will tell.

Bad cupid


Hey you with the damn bow
and arrows you clumsy thing
don’t you care or know
the pain you bring.

Valentine’s day all beware
this little morons antics
Makes you want to care
Turns you into romantics.

He goes around will nilly
shooting those poor souls
making them dopey and silly
with his arrows and bows.

So I put out a trap
To keep him from you
Changed the map
made it hard to do.

When this Valentines day
you buy the plastic candy
There is no way
You can blame this dandy.

So you can find your true love
With out the fear
That arrow above
Or even near.

Haunted by you

Haunted by you

Haunted by you unable to sleep
the ghosts of the past are there
You have gone too deep
Have stripped me bare.

They rise up and wrap me
around my mind in my soul
the rend and they trap me
shivering in the cold.

Where is that warmth that was
Your eyes are vacant and black
My fault and all because
I wanted my soul back.