Hiding behind lies

Real Eyes

Hiding behind those lies
will out you soon
Others will realize
and broadcast before noon.

You think that you are clever
No one will catch on
Lies will never ever
Be counted upon.

We see you and your stories
Your bragging tales
Of your past glories
The lies have become whales

They are sneaking up behind you
Will catch up and snatch
rope you up and bind you
and eventually catch.

For lies will all unravel
You stumbled on your way
They were poor to travel
in the light of day.

The footsteps of truth
are on their way
The lies will no longer sooth
Nor your friends stay.

Life as an echo

Life is an echo

Seen a lot of posts about religion lately and my view is that you send out as much positive energy as possible. If you don’t sooner or later it catches up to you. There are results for our actions for every action there is an equal reaction so it stands to reason that negative actions will result in a negative reaction. A positive action with the same.

If we wish to enjoy our time on Earth don’t we want to spend it in harmony with others and nature? This is my religion

. Karma catching up