Justice not stupid just blind

To color, creed or race

All of us are combined

and are in this place.

Those who serve and protect

and those that commit the crime

Meet and do not neglect

To put in their time

Society is served

Humanity is restored

When justice is reserved

And criminality is moored.

For the justice of man

is slow but sure

Time ticks by

We still endure.



Precipice by Rafell90 Deviant Art.


Leaning into to wind

she stands on a precipice

of her own making.

He is gone nothing left.

Her past is looming up

Catching up.

Trapping her

In disaster.

Will she leap

Throw herself at

life’s mercy?

Fight the inevitable

tooth and claws scratching

at nothingness?

Or will she float away

by her own hand


Time will tell.



Sometimes things take longer than expected. Maybe that is because it takes longer to learn some lessons. Sooner or later though everything seeks it’s level and patience is rewarded. Justice is one of those things that takes time. Sometimes the wait is excruciating as we know what the outcome should be. However Justice should take time. A lot of time because it should be right. It should be correct or it isn’t justice. At those times it is hard to keep quiet but that is the wisest course for we really don’t know what wheels are turning.