Where have all the little trolls gone?


Oh where oh where have those little trolls gone?

Oh where oh where oh where can the be?

Their little heads popped up and came along

To Facebook and internet free.

They poke and they holler

They scream and they bother

The innocent and unwary.

So don’t long tarry

Or listen to their defecations

Their snide remarks

Their deviations.

Sad little things with no life you see

All they can do is troll you and me.

Remove all their oxygen, unplug their air

Don’t respond, pretend they aren’t there.

For trolls, you will find will often feed

On the naive and innocents need

To be wanted and to be right

Find friends in the night.

Their banter they oftentimes fling

At anyone and anything

That will give them attention

A note some dimension

To a life that is empty and sad

So let them get furious and mad.

Use the sword of block and ignore

So then they can never score

You as a victim of their deceit

Leave them there in their defeat.

Mean girls never grow up they become internet trolls.

calling someone fat

Read an article today that mean girls grow up to be mean women and go on to destroy lives just like they did in high school only as adults they have much more power at their disposal. If you are the victim of one of these bullies the best thing to do is ignore them. Without attention, they become what they really are. Seventeen-year-old nitwits that never learned how to negotiate the world without denigrating others. They don’t know what to do when people ignore them and usually get nastier before they explode and destroy themselves.

Keep you head high around mean girls and trolls. The eventually crawl back under their bridges.