Implausible Reality

shop girl

The shop girl turned the sign,

Left the stage,

Twisted up with anger and rage.

The customers never came to buy,

All the goods, the tricked up lie.

Implausible reality stepped in

With a wicked walk and grin.

You see my dear you oversold,

Strident instead of bold.

Such strange things you tried to sell.

Every time you rang that bell,

The customers laughed and smirked

and the harder you worked

the harder they chuckled

Until your Implausible reality buckled

and sent you to hell.

Turn out the lights, clear yourself out

All the customers have no doubt

You have lost your mind

Forgot to find

The key that locked the door.


Wishful thinking

Looks like my stalker would like to see my blog gone. Sorry to disappoint but WP has not removed it. Unlike some people, I have a life that sometimes gets in the way of writing blogs. If you have nothing to do but harass others and denigrate others I guess this is all you have. Sorry to inform you my blog has not been removed it is very much alive. Maybe your blog should find something more interesting than me to discuss.

Stop making such an ass of yourself.

donkey's ass


Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete

Her mind has met defeat.

She skitters to and fro

Nowhere to go

But down and down

Into the abyss

Where all is amiss.

Shattered mind, empty soul

Destroys her role

As lover so divine

Vixen so sublime.

You see she looked too close

Saw the future as it arose

Around her

Inside her

To bind her

To her shattered mind.

What do you see?

What do you see when you see me?

An object of fun? or of inspiration

A child of love or desperation?

Do you see me at all

Or pretend not to see me fall?

We are all different not peas in a pod

All measured by the same rod

I have challenges, well so do you.

Are you the best at all you do?

Are you so perfect? So beautiful or smart

Or do you just contain a tiny heart?

For the way you see me is a mirror of your soul

In life what is your ultimate goal?

To seed hatred? Lack of compassion

Because that is the fashion?

I will be here at the finish line

and peace and accomplishment will be mine.

Careful who you poke

For you my friend might be the joke.

handicapped children at race




Evil lurks

It twists and bends

Spreads hatred and misery

Cloaks itself like close friends

Reveals itself in history.

The Ides of March march on

and the evil reveals

Launches itself

on souls and steals

All goodness and light

Lives in spite and terror

Can’t look into the mirror

Or it will be destroyed

by its’ own black soul.



Welcome little spy

get smart phone

You think I don’t see you?

You think I am naive.

Slinking around on your belly

while your curiosity you relieve

Say hello to your little friends

I know they are here too.

I know you see

By the things that you do.

You are silly and strange

Bought really cheap

Information you arrange

To send them you creep.

The stalker can’t do it

The law won’t allow

So you do it yourself

You idiot cow.



A Year

A year

Well, I have been on Word Press a year. So much has happened. I started it just as a lark and a dare. Had a stalker troll that decided it was a good idea to attack myself and my friends on Word Press so I decided to check it out. Here we are a year later.two trolls

The troll and her friend have wandered off thankfully leaving me to enjoy all of you. I rediscovered my love of poetry and shared it with a few friends that became 535 followers. That is amazing. Along the way, there were wonderful fellow bloggers I found and now enjoy immensely.

The moral of this story is that if you keep true to yourself and just enjoy what you are doing you come out ahead at the end.

Thank you all my followers and yes you too my stalker troll without you I may never have discovered this side of me. Here’s to another year!!

Where have all the little trolls gone?


Oh where oh where have those little trolls gone?

Oh where oh where oh where can the be?

Their little heads popped up and came along

To Facebook and internet free.

They poke and they holler

They scream and they bother

The innocent and unwary.

So don’t long tarry

Or listen to their defecations

Their snide remarks

Their deviations.

Sad little things with no life you see

All they can do is troll you and me.

Remove all their oxygen, unplug their air

Don’t respond, pretend they aren’t there.

For trolls, you will find will often feed

On the naive and innocents need

To be wanted and to be right

Find friends in the night.

Their banter they oftentimes fling

At anyone and anything

That will give them attention

A note some dimension

To a life that is empty and sad

So let them get furious and mad.

Use the sword of block and ignore

So then they can never score

You as a victim of their deceit

Leave them there in their defeat.

Thanks for the negativity


Funny how negativity works. My friends and I have been targeted for some time by a lunatic. You can see her tags about me and others if you google Gale Molinari. I supposedly am a bully. I invite you to go through my blog and Facebook page and find any bullying. I am a defender of those being bullied including victims of this nut. This resulted in her attacks on me as well as the defamation of a very good woman and of several of my other friends.

Another case is Opinionated Man/Harsh Reality has also been tagged by another character and now he has closed his blog. I don’t know if those attacks were the reason, but they got pretty personal in his case. Damn shame as he was a great supporter of other bloggers and wrote some brilliant stuff.

I was very upset to see my name all over the internet being tagged as a bully. I have contacted Word Press and their answer is without a court order they will do nothing. As my troll is in another country there is no chance of that even though she has been cautioned in her own country about this sort of behavior. It seems you can post whatever nonsense and defamation you please on Word Press and other social media sites without a care if you are in another country from your victim.

The funny thing is that because of these awful tags my blog along with my friends blogs are getting more traffic and evidently the traffic likes what they see as my stats and my friends are shooting up like crazy. So my advice to anyone that is bothered by a troll like mine is just ride with it and enjoy the free advertising. We can’t stop them but when people click they find your blog.

troll queen red

So thanks my little troll queen and minion. I am really enjoying the stats. By the way, the latest post resulted in twenty more followers. If I decide to write that book of poetry perhaps you would be kind enough to trash it so more people read it.