The Fool


She found out she was a fool

After being evil and cruel.

She found the truth about her master

Dragged out and pushed into disaster.

Then abandoned left just like that.

Left her there flat.

Does she know about her man?

About the other ones plan?

Ah probably not

She forgot

What evil is done comes back to haunt

The past to mock and taunt

Til there is nothing left

But her bereft

And alone.

Evil what is it?

Evil apple

Evil is it a snake
A spider on the hunt?
that brings fears awake
In the hours of the night?

Does it stalk us
with red eyes glowing
with talons showing
and hatred growing?

Is it slimy and dark
crawling on all fours
belly to the ground
looking for victims?

Does it have black wings
to match it’s heart
A barbed tale
a sword of flame?

Does it live in hell
and to torment souls
hissing and spitting
Its loud venom?

Or is it simpler
Just a wink a smile
quietly crawling
into our souls.

To eat them
spit them out
and spew its

Evil behind a pretty face

Evil face

Such a pretty young face,
to hide such a dark heart.
To show no trace
Of her black art.

She weaves the pain
The heartless schemes.
Destroys the name,
And all her dreams.

Who knew such a vicious snake
Could crawl and creep
just for evil’s sake
Disturb the sleep.

Of other souls and beings
Just for a comedy,
To create the beginnings
Of tragedy.

All is lost now.
Nothing is left.
She can but bow,
and be bereft.

Why is there evil in the world?

evil epicurius

Evil people who feed on misery
attacking others at will.
Lies are their tools
Followers their fools.

An empty soul will find
an empty mind
To follow in their direction
others reputation in vivisection.

Beware these malevolent beings
with hateful immoral leanings.
Chopping others down to size
Is their valued prize.

With words as swords we do attack
to bring the truth back
Ah they hate us friends
When they must make amends.

So soon the truth is coming out
When all will see what they are about
and sinking back into the morass
They will be silent at last.