Merry Go Round


Photo Gale A. Molinari
Paris France carousel

Some people just like to cause trouble. They just go round and round and round until they make others dizzy. They do it for entertainment. If you have no ability or very little to feel empathy, sympathy or other emotions this is the way you do it. They often times do dangerous things and flirt with disaster as well. Their lives because of their mental conditions are only in shades of grey. They don’t see the colors on the carousel they only see fleeting glimpses of happiness. When the carousel is stopped it is a thing of beauty to mesmerize the unwary. Taken on a ride on the beautiful unicorn by the narcissist or sociopath can seem romantic and beautiful. Starting slowly it whirls drawing into it the lonely, sad or naive individual. They never see the trauma coming.

Faster and faster the carousel whirls now you can’t get off or you will get badly hurt. You might even be killed. So you hold on praying that it will slow down and go back to what it once was. Then is slows until you feel comfortable again. This is the time to jump off as it will spin again this time faster than before.

Beware the carousel of the mind for it can spin you into a place that you cannot escape from.

Cheating on a narcissist it isn’t just about sex.

cheating text messages

Cheating really has nothing to do with sex it is just a follow through. When a person cheats on you in any way with anyone it is a denial of your relationship. People don’t cheat on people they care about. They just don’t. They are so completely involved with their partner they have no time to play with others. A lot of time cheating starts with just a little flirty hello or Joking around. They can even be close friends of the partner. Then it escalates. Just a little flirt, then a text, lunch when they are at work, drinks when they are with other friends. Then texting little thinking of you messages which leads to sexting then sending compromising photos. Those by the way can be kept forever if the target wishes. The cheater has no control over them any more. Further and further until sometimes a love affair can result even if it is only on the side of the cheater and not on their target.

When you cheat on a narcissist though they cannot ever conceive of the idea that they aren’t enough. That you would dare to find someone else is beyond their comprehension. So if you do find someone that you aren’t a mirror of sometimes you get involved because they really care or you project that on them. Narcissist can be dangerous to cheat on as well as sociopaths as they will never admit that they are not the object of your adoration. They will stop at nothing to get what they want which is you. They may not even want you any more but you have become their property.

Narcissist survivial self denial

If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist and it isn’t working you will need to make a clean break before starting any relationship with a normal person. If you don’t you will put that other person at risk of attack physically or psychologically. After all you would never leave them of your own free will you are theirs all you ever needed is them. It must be the other person that is drawing you away from them. Leaving a narcissist can result in abuse or the claim of abuse can be used in the case of a male target as a weapon. Be ready for those attacks.

Jody Arias is a case in point. How dare he leave she was his, gave her all to him. She claimed her due which was to shoot and stab him into oblivion. Most narcissists are not quite that sociopathic but they think nothing of ruining someone elses reputation even at a whiff of a supposed affair. Don’t put someone else at risk. Also keep all evidence of abuse or to refute any lies they will tell because they will. They have to.

So think about that text you are sending. Is it worth it? Do you really want those kind of pictures to get back to your partner? The pictures you sent? Remember once those are in the ether of the internet or on a phone they are out of your control. Also if you have the type of partner that cheats on you it isn’t worth trying to hold on. You have all ready lost them. A narcissist cheats on you because he can and it is all about them so your feelings really don’t matter.

cheating not about you

Life is too short to be in an unhealthy relationship. If your instincts tell you that your partner is cheating you should listen to them. You deserve better.

Roman Mosaics to keep away the envious

Roman Mosaics

Mosaics in ancient Rome are now thought to have had the purpose of driving away the evil eye and envious people. According to Professor of ancient history Luz Neira who coordinates a team of researchers into ancient ritualist practices of religion and magic in ancient times.

The wealthy in Rome would commission these works of art for their homes to ward off evil spirits. for instance an eye pieced by a lance and surrounded by animals. Interestingly they would also put up representations of the phallus and other objects to ward off the spells of the envious. One such depiction in a mosaic on the island of Cephalonia is an envious person represented by someone writhing and strangling themselves because of the envy produced by a house they were viewing.

The mosaic posted here is the sacrifice scene St. Roman in Gal.

Delusional Jealousy

jeoulosy neurotic insecurity

Delusion Definition
Emotional Jealousy
Jealousy Marriage
Jealousy Issues
Jealousy And Relationships
Grandiose Delusion
Delusional Jealousy
Alcohol abuse has been known to contribute to delusional jealousy.
Othello suffers with delusional jealousy in Shakespeare’s play of Othello, and murders his wife as a result.
Another name for delusional jealousy is Othello syndrome, which takes its name from a Shakespearean play.
In some cases, delusional jealous can trigger extreme depression and suicidal thoughts.
A person suffering with delusional jealousy may continuously believe that his or her loved one is unfaithful.
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Delusional jealousy is a mental disorder where a person has delusional beliefs around the idea that the person with whom they are romantically involved with is cheating on them. It is sometimes called morbid jealousy or Othello syndrome, taking its name from Shakespeare’s play in which delusions of infidelity play a major role. Less common names for the condition are erotic jealously syndrome and sexual jealousy. Sometimes it is a condition of its own, but more often it is a symptom of another psychiatric disorder.

Psychiatric professionals distinguish between regular jealously and jealous behavior that may be delusional. A healthy sense of jealousy or suspicion only occurs as a response to evidence of infidelity. It also changes over time to reflect the facts surrounding a situation. Jealous delusions have no basis in reality, or do not change in the face of new facts or proof otherwise. These delusions manifest themselves in obsessive thoughts that can become the center of the person’s life. A person suffering from delusional jealousy will often repeatedly accuse his or her loved one of infidelity, constantly search for evidence to prove the accusations and may even resort to stalking both the significant other and the person whom they think they may be cheating with.

As the delusions progress, they can also take up the entirety of a person’a life. Personal and professional relationships can begin to suffer, and the mental health of the person with the delusions can degrade even further. Delusional jealously can even become life-threatening for those suffering from it and the people around them. Stalking behavior based on delusions can turn violent. Suicide is also a concern, as the delusions can lead to severe depression.

Many times, delusional jealousy is a symptom to another mental disorder. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) can often lead to delusions. Sufferers of BPD frequently go through periods of extreme anxiety and depression. They also tend to be defensive and easily offended. All of these combined tend to make them more susceptible to feelings of jealously, and extreme cases can lead to delusions associated with jealous thoughts. Depression and other mental problems such as bipolar disorders and schizophrenia can also lead to delusions of infidelity. External factors such as sexual dysfunction or drug and alcohol abuse have also been shown to contribute to delusional jealousy.

via What Is Delusional Jealousy? (with pictures).

Jealousy is a sad thing people with this disorder never have a moments peace. They ruin their lives and others though their delusions. Social Media has made a forum for these sorts where they post outrageous things about others due to their perceived lover’s betrayal. Instead of confronting the love object they vilify and attack anyone that even friends or says a kind thing to them. It is a very sad state of affairs and makes the suffer of this delusion a pathetic, obsessed person.
Jealous curse

Obsession jealousy the fifth step toward disaster

snake woman head

Who is she
Who is she
Who is she

She came in the shop
She talked to you in the street
Who is she?
You are mine

You do not need
Any one Else
Who is she?

I saw your phone
it had her number in it
why are you calling her
or them

Who are they?
These women
I am all you need
All you will ever need

Just virtual friends
too far away you say
to steal your heart
from me?

No I will destroy
Anyone who comes near
our love
Our perfect love

you will make me mad

I cannot take not
having you
caring for you
being in your soul

Obsession Falling

falling sneakers


Obsession Second in the series of poems

So easy to fall
Deep into your life
Your eyes met mine
Over an inventory list

As you pointed at the increase
In sales
I fell deeply
Into the pit

One day the traffic slowed
We locked the door
Put out to lunch
Your hand took mine

In the back where noone could see
I kissed you
Deeply, fiercely I took you
You held my head

As I fell into the abyss
Glory and heaven met
You are mine
As I sank deeper

Always Always mine
The bell clanged
I put my uniform back
and buttoned it up

Kissed you again
With the promise
To go further
Deeper still.

Obsession Always Together

Part of a series please look for my other Obsession poems to follow the story


The knife dripped blood
The walls dripped blood
Her hand held the knife close


Mine her mind screamed
Mine you can’t have him
He comes with me
To Hell.

Run her mind says
I can’t it replies
He is here
I must stay

She held the blood soaked corpse
Close so close that she became him
The madness had won
You are mine she said

Not hers not anymore
She will never have you
Mine all mine
Forever more.

The police came
Pulled her off his corpse
But you don’t understand
We are destiny

Put her in the car
Where are we going?
Where is he? He must be with me
Touches her blood soaked hand to her heart

Mine all mine ever more
She sees the policeman’s gun
Before he knows it
She has it in her hand

Mine ever moreHe can never escape

Always together

Narcissist case in point

narcissist mirror

via narcissist – Bing Images.

Just for the record my posts are not about anyone in particular. One of my friends saw a rant by a lunatic that follows us all over and evidently is now following us on WordPress after chasing us all over Facebook. Honey not everything is about you. I am sorry you have such a need for attention. Now if you don’t click on my blog then it won’t bother you. So just go admire yourself and your brilliance somewhere else. If you want to continuously quote mine well go ahead. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all. If not how about you do a blog about yourself. You have studied you and how fabulous and brilliant you are.

Again my posts are all in general. If you see yourself in them well that really nails you as a narcissist doesn’t it???

Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.

pride as a sin


Yes the sin of PRIDE. How many people have fallen victim to that? We all do now and then and it can be very costly. If you love yourself over everyone else how can anyone be good enough? How can you have any kind of normal relationship?

I have posted before about Narcissism and the extremes that people go to in the name of PRIDE amazes me. There comes a time when a normal thinking person goes hey this is just going to far. Not the Narcissist. They must have the last word, be the best, prettiest, smartest, sexiest. Never willing to back down they keep going over the same tired path long after everyone else has ceased to care. They will hammer away until the other people bow down to them and acknowledge the superiority that they are so convinced they are entitled to.

PRIDE cometh before a fall.

The victim of self pride never sees it coming. With their nose so far in the air they can’t see the path they have chosen has become a rocky quagmire with a cliff soon approaching. They march resolutely ahead with no thought to the results of their actions. After all it is all about them isn’t it? They will go to any lengths tell any lies, cheat and steal until they are convinced they are the winners.


Now we know that phrase from Charlie Sheen and we can see how much good it has done him. Lost a lucrative job, his family and many of his fans. Does he see it? Nope he is so far gone that he is unaware the damage he has done to himself. Self medicating, delushional he lives in his own world. That is the world of the narcissist. They eventually push everyone away, lose jobs, have no friends sometimes no family but they have their overblown PRIDE. They never see the cost just their own reflection. How very sad they are.

PRIDE is a good thing we should all be proud of our accomplishments and our friends and family. It is only natural but when it gets bent and twisted into an ugly imitation it becomes the sin.