Blogging bullies and silly fights.

fighting cats

Honestly I don’t get people that get hysterically riled by something someone writes. Two of my favorite blogs were attacked recently. Harsh Reality and Lucky Otter. Sure they may post blogs that are controversial. I have argued with both of them. We don’t always agree. That is what makes blogs interesting. Good grief if we all agreed on subjects we might as well just shut blogs down and all go home singing Cumbaya.

Being passionate I can understand, getting upset I can understand, not agreeing, thinking the other person is a total ass I can understand. It is the personal attacks I cannot understand.

Intelligent people do not resort to personal attacks to win arguments they find better arguments. Personal attacks are a good sign the person has blown the argument and is sending up smoke screens.

If you disagree with another blogger, walk away for awhile. That other blog ain’t going any where. Think about your argument, find data to backup your point of view. In other words grow the hell up.

People who do these personal attacks have no idea how much it turns the rest of us off. I tend to unfollow blogs like that because I can’t stand bullies and blowhards. I think a lot of us who quietly watch this nonsense feel when someone blows up and starts attacking someone else.

Recently I even saw how a persons wife was dragged into it. What kind of a vile coward brings a persons family into a damned internet argument?

You who are the victims of these sorts don’t bother to engage them. They are getting their entertainment by stalking and denigrating you. It is a form of control. Don’t let them have space in your head. They aren’t worth the time or effort. These people are in the minority let them shoot themselves down. It is bound to happen sooner or later.