Wake Up America

wake up garfield

So now Donald Trump has declared for the Republicans as a candidate. We have Bush, Rubio and who knows who else. In the Democratic camp, they are dragging tired old Hillary and her pantsuits. Independents can’t get together and decide who they want to run or what they are. Sprinkle in all the other oddball parties and you have one hell of a mess.

I have an idea America wake up to the fact they all have their hands in our pockets. While you are running around sanctifying your candidate and demonizing all others they just laugh. I am quite sure they all laugh at the American public when they are not being watched.

Some people follow any candidate, any platform no matter how odious or idiotic it is just because it is that party. Grandpa voted that way, the union votes that way, Mable down the block does too so hell just let me pull the lever.

I have a wild idea. How about we listen to ALL the candidates. Vote for the guy that really has our interests not theirs into office. The electoral process also has to be revamped. We need our one vote to count not be clumped in with a bunch of others to get someone so they can vote. It is stupid in this day and age. Maybe start voting by cell phone and the internet. If we can order everything from groceries to underwear that way why the hell can’t we vote that way too??

So friends please, please, please stop voting in the same twits because they are in a certain party. None of them are saints and none of them are Satan in disguise. Do your country a favor. Vote with your brain. Try thinking about the issues and how it affects the country and yourselves.

Do you really want China to own the United States? Have prisoners that are avowed to kill Americans released to free a traitor? Have a representative that is so arrogant she has her own server in her house and has taken money from every country even those against us? Put just one more in a family that has had too many shots at the White House?? Think about it because your future and the future of your children depend on it.