Hey Abbé Lee Noble or will you drop the Noble when the divorce finalises?

And the specter rises this thing follows us all. She even commented on someone else’s blog that she hoped I died like my mate. Well, my mate suffered for a couple of years with incurable cancer. She lived in pain with bravery and grace something this sewer denizen knows nothing about. I don’t know what makes someone so mean and vile but I leave Karma to deal with her. I have no time to waste as life is precious as I learned from watching it ebb away from a truly good woman. Abbe Bayfield Noble or whoever you are this week all you get from me is my pity.

Black Heart

black lady secrets

She had a black heart,

Black as coal.

Cold as a moonless winter.

Wrapped it around her victims,

Strangled them left them for dead.

But they rose up

Sent her an evil lover

To wrap his dark mind around hers,

Rip out what was left of her black heart.

and he left her as a voiceless puddle,

Slowly oozing into the sewer. 

Such are the rewards of such a heart.

Guard yourself well 

Before you join her.



No regrets

She lived strong

She lived free

From the fear of fear


Held her head up high

As blindness and pain took hold.

As the cancer claimed her day by day.

She clung on with her very fingernails

Never asking for pity, never complaining.

It took her piece by piece

She fought it inch by inch.

Now gone she leaves behind –

No stone unturned

No love not expressed

No challenge not met.

That my friends is bravery.

It is a choice to stand up and fight

Or lay down and die on diseases terms.

warrior woman

Many live their lives

complaining, avoiding life.

bullying others

seeing only darkness.

She didn’t and I am proud to call her friend.

Social media bullies and trolls


female troll

stop the bullies daily mirror

Social media bullies keys are clacking
All the evidence is stacking
For their intelligence lacking.

The trolls are crawling
Crying and bawling
Their mamas calling

Victims are now rising
others sympathising
and realizing

It isn’t hip or cool
It is really mean an cruel
This social media duel.

Justice will prevail
and freedom sail
And the peace prevail.

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Eyes + Words

Written by Jacob Ibrag

For as long as I could remember, I’ve only

been able to see as far as thecage aroundmy mind

would let me.Without knowingmuch aboutanything,

the cold steel embracewas all I everneeded. I didn’t know

the existence of words like ‘curiosity’ and ‘freedom.’ Although

limited in vocabulary, I was comfortably breathing. And so

I beg for you to stop talking to me. Don’t want any part

of your world, let me livewithin my own reality.

Photography by Katharina Jung

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