Psychotic Bosses

Boss cat

Finally after many years in the workforce I am retired and it has made me think about some of the bosses I have had. Some were encouraging and appreciative of my work. Most of the time I enjoyed my work and had the usual promotions, raises etc. Then there were the other kind.

What is it with some people that get put in charge of others? They have to make the employees under them as miserable as possible. Denigrate them, talk to them like they are children, make fun of them, abuse them in front of other employees. What could they possibly get out of it? It doesn’t improve productivity if people are afraid of you or hate you. It doesn’t help with creativity if your employees are afraid to suggest ways of doing things that may save time and money. Turn over is much faster if the person in charge is an egomaniac. How does that make any business more profitable? Most of these people are egomaniacs, psychopaths, narcissists, sociopaths or all of the above. Management seems to ignore these situations as well. Sometimes they are this way because they work for the same type of characters.

It seems to me that bosses that encourage and have the self confidence to work with their employees instead of against them are far more effective.

Just a thought but if you are in charge of one of these characters I would rethink having them running any part of your business. If you recognize yourself in this post maybe you should rethink how you treat people. Do you really want to go through life being hated? Is that the legacy you want to leave on this earth? It can be a lot of pressure being in charge of a group. Perhaps you aren’t meant to be a boss at all. Think about it. If you treat people like that you can’t like them. Try to find another way to earn a living. People have to work they don’t have to be abused. Sooner or later it will backfire on you because your employees have no incentive to work harder or better or tell you if something is going wrong. Wouldn’t you rather be a member of a team instead of an absolute monarch? Most monarchs haven’t made very good ends. Only benevolent ones kept their heads.