Power blogging my opinion

bugs bunny serious

Sorry I have been seeing all this stuff about power blogging and it really gets a little silly but then I really don’t know much about the subject. You see I blog because I like writing. I like reading other peoples stuff and making people think or laugh. Really I am not power blogging material. It also seems to be so miserable. Really do you see any of them happy with what they are doing? Not the ones that become power bloggers because they have a lot of followers usually because they write something people want to read. I mean the ones that seem to think that blogging is some kind of factory like Apple putting out the new Iphone and Google competing with theirs. Sorry I am retired. Not part of the rat race and honestly never was. Just not that competitive I guess.

As far as they are concerned I wish them well honestly can someone tell me how you become a power blogger by attacking other bloggers?? Do people really want to read attacks on others?? It fills me with curiosity how maligning others makes you popular unless your followers are the same sort. Maybe that is it.

Oh well guess I am just too old and naive to understand the concept. As for me I will be over the moon when I hit 500 followers. My good day is 125 views. But then I value every follower and every view. They aren’t statistics to me. They are people that took the time to read something I wrote or shared. That to me is beyond wonderful.

In a way it makes me a power blogger too. The power of sharing the written word and expanding my horizons. My little niche is pretty damn sweet if I say so myself.