Meet the pack

The Pack

Meet my pack. Princess Sophia a lhasa apso, Mimi Poochini our frenchie seizure dog, Noel Skeeter, boston terrier and Leo Farticus the pug. They are all rescues except for Leo.

From left to right. Princess Sophia was a fear biter, she bites no more and models for dog rescue events. She was rescued from Save a Pet who rescued her from the animal shelter where she was dumped. We think she may have been abused as her tail appears to have been broken at one time and she had a cataract from an injury. It took a long time to make her realize there was no reason for fear any more. I never use any kind of physical control at all. She was just isolated when she bit which with a diva like her is torture. She still has an attitude sometimes but knows she is loved.

Mimi Poochini was on her way to being surrendered to the ASPCA because of a severe seizure disorder. She is under meds and acupuncture and except for the occasional attack is a perfectly normal, sweet, funny kid. She was rescued from a coworker because of her disorder. The woman didn’t haver the mental or physical resources to cope with it. She would fight Sophia when she first came to us but they made friends and will sometimes play together. Mimi is the one who chomped the tip of my finger so I haven’t been doing long blogs. Hard to do with a bandage on your index finger. She was in the middle of a bad seizure and I was trying to give her a phenobarbital pill. Obviously I miscalculated.

Noel Skeeter is afraid of his own shadow and is the most loving little dog in the world.He was rescued from Indiana as being aggressive. He came from Great Babies Rescue that is heaven sent for these little guys even though they are primarily a great dane rescue. His crime was wanting to be the protector of the adoptive family’s child. They had two other adult bostons. He had come to Great Babies as a rescue from a puppy mill along with his mother and sister. When he first came he would go after the big dogs. I think that is kind of the dog world attack before being attacked with a bully. He was afraid. Not any more I used the same time out on him. Now except for Leo going after him if he steals Leos carrots (Leo is patient but not a complete saint. Never get in between a pug and his food) they all get along.

Leo Farticus is patient and kind. He is a bit like Buddha. He is the only one we got on purpose. Hubby fell in love with him. He came from a pet shop which I will never do again. When we put him in to be fixed there was nothing to fix seems it was all removed when he had a hernia as a baby. He also ended up with Pneumonia. The store made good but this is a common problem with pet shop dogs.

We also have a cat named Bunny that followed Hubby home. She was no dummy. Full of fleas we had to fumigate the basement and dip her but now no fleas and a very happy cat that thinks she is a dog. She and Leo came to us at the same time so we call them the twins.


Here she is wanting to go with Sophia on a modeling gig.

My whole point is to say that no dog or cat should be thrown away. Adopt don’t shop and you can get a wonderful companion. Also, they live up to 15 to 20 years so make sure of your commitment. It is only fair.