Drama Queens

drama queens
I am so tired of people that think everything is about them. Boo hoo hoo oh as Joan Rivers used to say “Grow UP!”. Everyone has issues and problems. Believe it or not our lives do not revolve around yours.

Someone said something that hurt your little feelings? Well talk to them or shut up I really don’t want to hear it. Don’t drag me into your Shakespearean world. Every little thing means your world is coming to an end.

No one is out to get you they probably don’t even know you exist. You have family problems? Well here’s a news flash. WE ALL DO! Work them out or get those people out of your life don’t give the world a blow by blow description because most likely we are working out our own.

I don’t mind people with real problems that need to talk I am speaking about those that blow everything in their lives out of proportion. They will get a splinter in their toe and by the time they are done it is a redwood that fell on their house. Every tiny illness must be discussed ad naseum with anyone that is in the immediate vicinity. I have seen total strangers on Facebook talk about not being able to poop. REALLY?

You have relationship problems? Well I am sure that posting all about the minute details on your Facebook page for almost a billion people will help. Husband is cheating well let’s just drag all the sordid details out. Got a sexual fantasy hey share that too. I am sure your partner will be so appreciative.

Narcissists are great at this because they think everyone is interested in them. NOPE SORRY we aren’t.
How could anyone in their right mind think that anyone except their nearest and dearest cares about their issues? Isn’t it embarrassing?

If you answer these people you make it worse. Now they have an audience and they milk it for all it is worth.

The best of the Drama Queens use the “I am leaving Facebook Forever”. Oh crap when I see that I run for the hills. Invariably it is followed with post after post of well meaning souls begging the narcissist to stay. Mission accomplished. Drama for the day done.

Other Drama Queens in real life will use tears. Crying at the drop of a hat or a perceived criticism, slight, disrespect etc. etc. I put on my sneakers for those. Frankly I never know what to say. Whatever you do say it makes them worse.

Now I am not talking about friends with real problems I will listen to hours and try to help them. It is the vain all about me nonsense that drives me nuts. You gained weight? Um ok then do something about it. A man cheats on you? Well you accept it or kick him to the curb. Frankly I wouldn’t keep him another minute. Or her. Men can be drama queens too. They can sometimes be worse than women. Ever see a man with a new car that has been scratched that carries on like his best friend just died? Yep Drama Queen.

Maybe I am just an old carmudgeon but damn I can’t take it any more. Thanks for listening.