Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she,

Her soul is blank.

Empty as the sea,

dark and rank.

She lives in misery,

In swamps of hate.

There is no mystery,

of her soulless state.

She sucks the life

leaves nothing but venom.

Twists the knife

Into her victim.

Yet the joke you see is on her

Who she pains the most,

Emptiness to endure,

When you are nothing but a ghost.


The illusion of privacy on the internet

privacy what privacy?

It amazes me in this day and age the things people will post on social media. Even in so called “private” or “secret” groups things get leaked. Those photos you thought were only seen by a few friends can be leaked to millions in a matter of seconds. Better not anger anyone in those groups or tick off friends that know about them. They can be powerful weapons. Posting pictures in any social media that wouldn’t be shown to any familiy member is a huge mistake. They will be there forever. Even if deleted they can be copied the moment you post them so you can’t be sure who has copies of anything you post.

Friends of mine and I have been sent compromising photos of someone that has a lot of enemies. We won’t use them. It really doesn’t seem like a really good thing to do. Sharing that kind of thing to embarrass others is just wrong. Take this as a warning though be careful who you trust but even more careful what you share.

Private thoughts

That friend or lover one day could turn out to be an enemy or a sociopath that just wants to harm you. Sometimes revenge can make people do very ugly things.

Talk to your kids about it too. Sometimes sexting can be embarrassing. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ello doesn’t matter what social media you use it can use you.

sexting daddy surprise

Then there are the mistakes sometimes made when posting those pictures. Can you imagine explaining to your parents or significant others that raunchy post? If not don’t do it.

Employers also use social media keep that in mind next time you post that sexy selfie. Unless you are intending to work in porn it might not be a good idea. Whips and chains and nudity aren’t usually good for job hunting.

Sociopathy and Social Media


From the Facebook page

This is only one page on Facebook that seeks to shed light on Sociopaths. There are many others dealing with all sorts of sociopathy. Narcissism, Psychopaths, Sociopaths all have one thing in common. They can use social media to their own ends. With billions of users Facebook is a fertile hunting ground for these people. They can find the vulnerable, the lonely, the naive. If one finds them out it is just on to another one. From the Nigerian scammer to the fake lover that turns out to be a phantom there are all kinds of people just looking to prey on the innocent. Thankfully along with these predators are people that are just the opposite. They fight the lies, the manipulation, the control that sociopaths exert over their prey. For some it becomes too late. Suicide, shame, financial ruin can result from a run in with one of these so educate yourself. Visit the groups and pages. On the internet there is literally thousands of pages of information.
Don’t become a statistic or a victim. Also watch your young people and also the elderly they are a prime target for social predators.

Here are some sites to start you off.

A wonderful blog to follow too.

Good luck and stay safe. If you know of any other good sites to add to this please do. There are a lot of victims out there that can use your help. If you see anyone that is being taken advantage of by any of these sorts guide them to this post, the internet anywhere they can see the truth.

angel with light