On being a Pepper

Sgt. Pepper

Joined to be a Pepper!! Promised to publish daily which isn’t the easiest thing!! Just made me think of the Beatles and this album. Believe it or not this album was revolutionary. Really groovy! A lot of you won’t remember it but I sure do. Miniskirts, Twiggie super model, bright colors, hippies it was all a part of youth. I kind of feel sorry for the kids of that age today. It is all so damn serious. You pretty much have to have a life plan before you are out of diapers. We were lucky and could extend childhood sometimes to the mid twenties. As far as drugs were concerned they actually were a lot less prevalent than they are today to be honest I know more pot smokers today than I did then.

Woodstock was a biggie people just in a field in the mud just grooving to music. Parents were freaking out the world was coming to an end. Black music went mainstream too with the Temptations and Supremes and other groups. It was odd but a lot of them couldn’t stay in the same hotels that they were performing in. Segregation was still going on.

Miniskirts were all the rage the shorter the better. Men had hair the longer the better. Bell bottoms were really the height of fashion. Seeing the pictures now some of them were really ridiculous but we called ourselves Mod and thought we were so very cool. It was a fun time to live.