Seven Deadly sins – Greed

greed still dies

Ah yes the sin of Greed. A life spent gaining things that eventually will be thrown away, broken, burned up or otherwise disposed of. People that are made close only because they feed your need to be all important. Others to be used and discarded in favor of those that can further your path. How much is too much? When we are on our death bed will we think about the cars we owned? The big houses? The clothes, jewels, shoes?? Or will we think of those connections we made on this earth? Friends, lovers, children, random people that we enjoyed being around. Will we have regrets about how we have used those that had nothing but love for us but were of no use to move ahead. You are ahead at the end of your journey. Look back how many broken promises and hearts litter your life path?

What will our regrets be? That we never got that Rolex or BMW? Or that we didn’t spend time watching children grow or just breathing in the world. Looking at flowers and trees, listening to the ocean. While sitting in an office plotting we missed the world as it turned. We missed the important things that make us human and really fulfill us.

Is it that important the position we have in life?  Does it really matter that maybe we work a few less hours or take advantage of fewer people? I think it does. One day you wake up and it is done and over we have an expiration date on all of us. Some sooner than others. Do I have regrets? Of course I do but I can truly say taking advantage of friends or others that cared about me isn’t among them. I regret the missed opportunities to do more good in this world. So as I approach the last chapter of my life I am trying to make it a real contribution not a detriment to my time on this planet.

Our legacy lives in what we added to this Earth. Perhaps a work of art or poetry. It can just be that we were kind to others and made their lives a little better taught a child a life lesson. Became a mentor to a troubled person. Helped an old person when they were too feeble to help themselves. Maybe we saved an animal or too from certain death by just donating time or money to a shelter. Helped someone do better in life by helping them learn to read. Got involved in an organization that helped fund research into diseases that killed others.

In the countries where we are lucky enough to have food, water and medical care we waste those blessings.  Clean water in many places is a wonder. Not starving only a dream. Take a moment when you run that water to brush your teeth or water a lawn or when you throw out the rest of the meal because you made too much to think of those that do not have.

Greed is the thief of time. Greed isn’t just with a wealthy. We are all guilty of it at one time or other but while we go about obtaining things we are robbed of the time that could enrich our souls.

Bless you all I hope that if you read this post it makes you want to get involved in something that you can do to make this planet a better place.

Thank you once again for reading.

Seven deadly sins – Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath and Envy

Occurred to me that the things I have been posting are really about all of these.

Greed – Mine all mine all about me. Let me take what I want whether or not it is mine. Never satisfied with what they have.

Lust – Sexting, cheating, perverted love just for the sake of sex and power. Make no mistake they do go hand and hand skipping down the road to ruin together.

Gluttony – More and more and more. All we can get while half the world starves we throw out food and waste that which would save some from starving to death.

Pride – Seeing no one elses point of view. Always right never wrong even when it costs you friends, family and relationships. Who cares if everyone rejects you? You still have your pride.

Sloth – Doing the minimum at a job you are paid to do. Cheating on time. Not using your potential. This we are all guilty of.

Wrath – Uncontrollable anger locking you into situations that it is very hard to extricate yourself from. Saying things that once out wound and can never be recalled.

Envy – Not being satisfied with what you have. Always wanting what someone else has but you are too lazy to go and get it yourself. The most useless of sins.

In the coming weeks I will look further into these and see are they still relevant to today’s world?? Don’t we need some of them just to survive in a dog eat dog modern environment or is it that we use that as an excuse. Without the church or other positive influence what becomes of a child surrounded by these actions?

Thanks for reading and as always I really would like your thoughts and ideas of these things that rattle around in Galesmind.

Seven deadly sins Jealousy is it worth it?

Jealousy hammered

To just expand a bit on my last post Sexting is it Cheating.

Do you think Jealousy is a useful or useless emotion?

It causes some really destructive behavior, it can destroy friendships and relationships.

When a person isn’t happy in their relationship or their situation in life people look to find a reason. Your partner cheats? Well it must be an outside influence can’t be your partner after all you own that person how dare someone else try to steal them. Never mind that you don’t own anyone they have to be true to you of their own volition. If not the other person is just a smoke screen to what truly is going on in your relationship.

When a person isn’t happy with their station in life. You have a small apartment they have a big house. Never mind what goes on behind those walls. The other person might only have that in their lives. It could be they work harder, longer and smarter than you do. You want that big house, fancy car, clothes, jewelry, travel opportunities? Go out and get it. Find something that allows you to be in that place don’t waste your time envying them for what they have it has nothing to do with what you have.

When a person has more friends than you do. Why? Maybe they go out of their way and do things for others you don’t. They may make time to help other people out or listen to their troubles. A person just doesn’t attract friends without any reason. We want to be with others. Those that reflect our values, our interests. Try a hobby or a class or just be kinder to others. If you treat the person that has more friends with kindness maybe you will have their friends as well. It isn’t a competition.

When people have better health. Do they walk more than you do? Visit doctors more often? Refrain from over drinking or eating? Ask yourself what you can do to improve your own health and state of well being.

We all get jealous. It is part of human nature it spurs us on to do better and be better than we are. It is when Jealousy goes beyond reason or is turned inward that it becomes destructive. Use it to push forward don’t let it push you backwards.

You cannot control what another person does you can only make yourself better. If your partner cheats then look to them not the other person. Find out the reason and fix it or kick them to the curb. The amount of money or things does not make a person, the soul and heart does. If you fixate on material things that is what you will achieve but at what cost? Focus on your own health and well being. Live your life as authentically as you can to achieve happiness.

That other person that you envy may envy you. They may not be what you perceive they are and it is really irrelevant to your own life.

Hope this helps keep that green eyed monster at bay. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!!