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It seems a good time to look at Judas whose very name has come to mean the betrayer. The backstabbing friend the most reviled man in history. Long ago the bible was not as it is today. Many of the books were removed because of various reasons. Women were pretty much obliterated with any of the books dealing with them and the book of Judas newly discovered was also removed. If this is true then it puts into perspective other tales about people. Anything can be twisted even the noblest of deeds.

In this book Judas is not a betrayer he is the most trusted disciple that was given the burden of the worst task a brother or friend could ask. According to this book Jesus knew his fate and asked Judas to give him to the Romans. Instead of a betrayer he was the most trusted disciple. He was also shown many secrets by Jesus that the other disciples were not.

judas lost gospel

Here is the article on the Lost Gospel of Judas. I leave it to you to make your own conclusions. Villain or trusted friend? It is an interesting question.



This is an article on how it was found it is now in the Coptic Museum.

Loaves and Fishes

loaves and fishes

Gee with all these so called “Christians” refusing service to those they don’t like there must have been a part of the bible I missed. You know like when Jesus questioned people before he gave out the loaves and fishes. Being a Christian used to mean a follower of Christ. When did that change? You are supposed to love your fellow man. Not love only those you agree with.

This is really shameful behavior and I think that if Christ would walk the Earth today it would be just the money changers that would get a thrashing.