Calling all authors support your libraries


Let’s start a movement!! If you write, donate your signed books to your local library and volunteer to read them. You get followers and future readers they get you in person.

If you have books donate them to small libraries that have so few and little money to buy more.

Get involved. Children that read get ahead. Ereaders are great but there is nothing like the adventure of going to a library and finding that perfect book. Take your kids get them a card. It is better for their minds and health.

Please reblog and share this post so we get the word out that libraries need our support. We don’t want to see a day when they are no longer there.

Little libraries form future minds

rieger library

nancy drew

I see a lot of authors here on Word Press and I realized how very hard it is these days to get hard cover books published. Part of the problem is that with Kindles and other Ereaders they have gone out of favor. I doubt very much real books will disappear but it is crucial that we get young people involved in reading specially in areas that don’t have the money to support public libraries. Meet the Rieger Memorial Library, Haskell, Oklahoma.

It is interesting how I became involved with it. I as many of you might know live in the borough of Queens part of New York City. Just about as far from Haskell as you can get. I have never been there but would like to visit one day. I digress. One of the good things about Facebook is you can get to know some really good people doing some really good work. Among the things that happen there are auctions to benefit various rescues. I have been involved in this for about the past six years. That was where I met Naomi Morgan and her husband the wonderful R.d. Morgan who writes great books about the old west. As I got to know Naomi she shared her work with the library in her town. Haskell is a country town without a lot of resources and the library serves people in the area. It is the only library and gets very little funding so she and the people of the town do various things to raise money like summer fairs, bake sales, country sales, auctions and the like. In with all the stuff that my husband and I have collected over the years are lots of books. A good thing about USPS priority is they don’t weigh the boxes :).  Our libraries here have lots of funding and turn down offers of books and I just can’t toss them. It just is so very wrong so once in a while I would send a box of books. It isn’t completely altruistic, she sends me the best chocolate covered peanuts you ever tasted!!

Last week on Facebook I saw an article about Nancy Drew so I asked her if they had it in the library. Can you believe there wasn’t one copy. To me this was tragic. It focuses on the age of children that you want to get involved in reading so it becomes a life long joy.

In a small town like that kids can also get into trouble as there isn’t much to do. I had to do something so I ordered this little set. Now we will be having a best essay contest that will be based on the books they read. I could not have made a better investment.

So to you that say you aren’t getting the audience you wish for how about donating a book here or there to libraries that are short funded. They are all over the country. You can become part of the solution. As for my new little detective friends I will be keeping you up to date on how we are doing and will share the winning essay at the end of the summer.

Thank you my writer friends. Wanted to share this joy of reading with you.