Black Heart

black lady secrets

She had a black heart,

Black as coal.

Cold as a moonless winter.

Wrapped it around her victims,

Strangled them left them for dead.

But they rose up

Sent her an evil lover

To wrap his dark mind around hers,

Rip out what was left of her black heart.

and he left her as a voiceless puddle,

Slowly oozing into the sewer. 

Such are the rewards of such a heart.

Guard yourself well 

Before you join her.



Blue eyed Wolf

The blue-eyed wolf is not what he seems

He isn’t the answer to all of your dreams.

Betrayal so deep, it will cut to the bone,

Leave you bereft, leave you alone.

He can’t stay long you see

Be all you want him to be.

For like you, he has no soul,

Mate once and run is his goal.

Be careful of those you trust

Of those you use and leave in the dust.

Soon or later you will meet your match

So proud, your heart he will unlatch

Leave it battered and beaten

Before he is retreating.

What did you expect soulless one?

You attract worse than what you have begun.

Your pride will be smashed when you see this,

What the blue-eyed wolf really is



Seven deadly sins – Pride favorite of the Narcissist.

pride as a sin


Yes the sin of PRIDE. How many people have fallen victim to that? We all do now and then and it can be very costly. If you love yourself over everyone else how can anyone be good enough? How can you have any kind of normal relationship?

I have posted before about Narcissism and the extremes that people go to in the name of PRIDE amazes me. There comes a time when a normal thinking person goes hey this is just going to far. Not the Narcissist. They must have the last word, be the best, prettiest, smartest, sexiest. Never willing to back down they keep going over the same tired path long after everyone else has ceased to care. They will hammer away until the other people bow down to them and acknowledge the superiority that they are so convinced they are entitled to.

PRIDE cometh before a fall.

The victim of self pride never sees it coming. With their nose so far in the air they can’t see the path they have chosen has become a rocky quagmire with a cliff soon approaching. They march resolutely ahead with no thought to the results of their actions. After all it is all about them isn’t it? They will go to any lengths tell any lies, cheat and steal until they are convinced they are the winners.


Now we know that phrase from Charlie Sheen and we can see how much good it has done him. Lost a lucrative job, his family and many of his fans. Does he see it? Nope he is so far gone that he is unaware the damage he has done to himself. Self medicating, delushional he lives in his own world. That is the world of the narcissist. They eventually push everyone away, lose jobs, have no friends sometimes no family but they have their overblown PRIDE. They never see the cost just their own reflection. How very sad they are.

PRIDE is a good thing we should all be proud of our accomplishments and our friends and family. It is only natural but when it gets bent and twisted into an ugly imitation it becomes the sin.

Seven Deadly sins – Greed

greed still dies

Ah yes the sin of Greed. A life spent gaining things that eventually will be thrown away, broken, burned up or otherwise disposed of. People that are made close only because they feed your need to be all important. Others to be used and discarded in favor of those that can further your path. How much is too much? When we are on our death bed will we think about the cars we owned? The big houses? The clothes, jewels, shoes?? Or will we think of those connections we made on this earth? Friends, lovers, children, random people that we enjoyed being around. Will we have regrets about how we have used those that had nothing but love for us but were of no use to move ahead. You are ahead at the end of your journey. Look back how many broken promises and hearts litter your life path?

What will our regrets be? That we never got that Rolex or BMW? Or that we didn’t spend time watching children grow or just breathing in the world. Looking at flowers and trees, listening to the ocean. While sitting in an office plotting we missed the world as it turned. We missed the important things that make us human and really fulfill us.

Is it that important the position we have in life?  Does it really matter that maybe we work a few less hours or take advantage of fewer people? I think it does. One day you wake up and it is done and over we have an expiration date on all of us. Some sooner than others. Do I have regrets? Of course I do but I can truly say taking advantage of friends or others that cared about me isn’t among them. I regret the missed opportunities to do more good in this world. So as I approach the last chapter of my life I am trying to make it a real contribution not a detriment to my time on this planet.

Our legacy lives in what we added to this Earth. Perhaps a work of art or poetry. It can just be that we were kind to others and made their lives a little better taught a child a life lesson. Became a mentor to a troubled person. Helped an old person when they were too feeble to help themselves. Maybe we saved an animal or too from certain death by just donating time or money to a shelter. Helped someone do better in life by helping them learn to read. Got involved in an organization that helped fund research into diseases that killed others.

In the countries where we are lucky enough to have food, water and medical care we waste those blessings.  Clean water in many places is a wonder. Not starving only a dream. Take a moment when you run that water to brush your teeth or water a lawn or when you throw out the rest of the meal because you made too much to think of those that do not have.

Greed is the thief of time. Greed isn’t just with a wealthy. We are all guilty of it at one time or other but while we go about obtaining things we are robbed of the time that could enrich our souls.

Bless you all I hope that if you read this post it makes you want to get involved in something that you can do to make this planet a better place.

Thank you once again for reading.

Seven deadly sins – Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath and Envy

Occurred to me that the things I have been posting are really about all of these.

Greed – Mine all mine all about me. Let me take what I want whether or not it is mine. Never satisfied with what they have.

Lust – Sexting, cheating, perverted love just for the sake of sex and power. Make no mistake they do go hand and hand skipping down the road to ruin together.

Gluttony – More and more and more. All we can get while half the world starves we throw out food and waste that which would save some from starving to death.

Pride – Seeing no one elses point of view. Always right never wrong even when it costs you friends, family and relationships. Who cares if everyone rejects you? You still have your pride.

Sloth – Doing the minimum at a job you are paid to do. Cheating on time. Not using your potential. This we are all guilty of.

Wrath – Uncontrollable anger locking you into situations that it is very hard to extricate yourself from. Saying things that once out wound and can never be recalled.

Envy – Not being satisfied with what you have. Always wanting what someone else has but you are too lazy to go and get it yourself. The most useless of sins.

In the coming weeks I will look further into these and see are they still relevant to today’s world?? Don’t we need some of them just to survive in a dog eat dog modern environment or is it that we use that as an excuse. Without the church or other positive influence what becomes of a child surrounded by these actions?

Thanks for reading and as always I really would like your thoughts and ideas of these things that rattle around in Galesmind.