I find it interesting the comparisons between 1968 and now. I was a college student. We protested about the Vietnam War. Every day on TV we watched men killed live. It was the first war that was reported daily with video of the action. Many of our friends got drafted and many of us lost a lot of them. It is the essence of youth to want to change the status quo. In a way, I understand the kids of today. The problem is they want to shut people up we wanted to have everyone hear us and to stop the killing. Yes, we were as naive as they are now but I think we were better informed. We had no choice we lived the issue day after day. Chalk on a sidewalk?? Really? Maybe they should see what happened at the Chicago Democratic convention or Kent State. If you want to protest by all means please do but listen to others. Have something meaningful to protest. People are being murdered all over the world and you are worried about a safe place? One of the things you will learn if you ever leave college is there are no safe places. The world is a large, mean, scary place and you are in school to learn the skills to survive it.

We do them no service to give into silly demands. They learn nothing but they can be delusional about expectations in the future. These kids are our future. If they can’t stand up intelligently to the establishment with their demands we are all doomed. As to our political system now, I think that people forget that mine was the generation that changed society. That helped women become equal. Helped to establish and change the way people of color are treated in this country. We marched for equal rights for everyone and got gassed and hit with rubber bullets. Some even died.

Today  the spotlight is on the corruption of the political agendas of both parties. This is something to protest about. We have learned though throughout our lifetime that true change comes from the voting booth and political action not whining about how you are personally treated. As for me, I intend to do my protesting at the voting booth for today’s NY primary.

I wish them well these baby protestors but if you want a revolution you need to have some courage get out of your safe place, get your own chalk, vote and run for office. There is nothing like a good intelligent argument from an informed person to bring about change.

Old fish smell

old fish

Is it me? Now that we are being courted by both parties here in New York, I keep hearing both sides legitimizing the delegate process by calling it the rules of the “game”. Since when is the selection of the person that will determine our future over the next four years and probably beyond a “game”. They also tout “this is the way it has always been”. Try that in business and see how fast you end up on the losing side or unemployed. It is the time our voting system was overhauled from the ground up to keep up with our new Internet age. Maybe they keep it that way so the dinosaurs in Congress and state jobs can keep those positions. With every move being scrutinized it would behoove the parties to take a long look at their selection process and maybe ditch the delegate system altogether. Have debates with all recognized parties included and then have people vote online who they would like to run then vote online? Take the money we the taxpayers give to these parties for their farces and put it towards a new system. If this delegate selection process is private to the respective parties they need to pay for it themselves. 

Both parties have a strangle hold on this country and now with the speed of the internet and cable news, we are seeing all of their mechanizations exposed. No other party can even get a foothold due to the billions of dollars these parties have to play with. Every lobbyist and special interest have a finger in the pie til there is no pie left for the individual. Over the years, they have gained control over our country and it needs to stop. Write your representatives. Don’t donate to either party til they clean up their act. They don’t need your money the greedy buggers have more than they even need and will just keep perpetuating this comedy on all of us as long as we play along and let them. 

The whole thing smells like old fish time to dump the trash. 

The United States is not a Democracy

constitutional republic

“A constitutional republic is a state where the head of state and other officials are elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constitutional law that limits the government’s power over citizens. In a constitutional republic, executive, legislative, and judicial powers are separated into distinct branches and the will of the majority of the population is tempered by protections for individual rights so that no individual or group has absolute power. The fact that a constitution exists that limits the government’s power makes the state constitutional. That the head(s) of state and other officials are chosen by election, rather than inheriting their positions, and that their decisions are subject to judicial review makes a state republican. Most notable example of a constitutional republic: The United States of America.”

The recent political climate in the US in now putting a spotlight on our government. When both parties seem to be ignoring the votes of the individual and pretty much deciding on the highest office in the land it seems incongruous but this has been the government for most of our lifetimes. A lot of us seem to be in shock that we do not live in a strict democracy. The problem is that the republic is now been highjacked by money and power. The country is much larger and far more complicated than when our constitution was written. Our electoral system is antiquated and backwards. It seems really odd to other countries when we tout our Democracy and how they should have the same. Shouldn’t we look into how this system can be improved? Perhaps we can bring it up to the internet age. Most of us live in the internet world in the US and it can be made publicly available. Monies now allocated to the Republican and Democratic party could be reallocated to updating the system and make it fairer and more representative of the country.

We should also have a system where candidates upload their credentials regardless of party and the populace votes on who they want to represent them. This would stop a lot of the party bickering that does nothing but undermine our government. The caliber of the individual has now gone from statesman to people that are looking for a golden parachute and power. Where is the love of country?

I think we all need to look long and hard at our attitudes towards our government and leaders. As long as people do not involve themselves in their own representatives they will get the government they deserve. You can’t put the wolf in with the chickens and not expect to be eaten.

Instead of attacking the individual candidates with personal attacks I think it would benefit us to look into the system that created them.

Constitutional republic Franklin


I think that we need to get back to a time when wit and intelligence won debates not bluster and shouting so that the media can get the ratings. The moderator should fade away he or she should not become part of that debate. It is yellow journalism to turn a political debate into a circus and a reality show.

The future of this country is too important for two parties to decide who should rule it. The two party system is strangling democracy and should be dismantled. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are creating an elitist system. Only the rich can even be considered to be able to rule. This is why we left England we wanted a Democracy one person one vote. I am not sure how the system can be changed but for sure if we don’t stand up to these two parties our government will be run by people that do not reflect the majority of Americans.

For the networks shame on you. Journalism should be neutral. Where is journalistic integrity? It seems to be left in the dust by the greed of the networks and politicians. We can only pray that good men and women of integrity stand up and let their voices be heard.


What the hell happened???

confused baby

I am so confused. Jeb Bush wants to phase out Medicare. Trump is now siding with Democrats. Obama is siding with Iran and seems to be running the government all by himself. At least he and the UN seem to be making our foreign policy for us. Obamacare is a confused mess. The IRS is a disaster area that I keep pouring money into. Our youth are hocking their entire futures to pay for an education. Many seniors are opting to not retire at all or work during retirement. Two parties run our government and those are run by billionaires that have no clue what a middle class person looks like. The public just goes along with it all and votes on party lines no matter how nonsensical that is.

Most of our manufacturing is being done in other countries because our government is making it more profitable for businesses. We used to be a country of immigrants that wanted to work and make a better life. Now it seems that everyone is sitting with their hands out waiting for the government to support them. An illegal is no longer illegal and entitled to the same benefits that people worked for years to achieve. There is no incentive for them to become legal members of society.

Can’t go to a movie, recruiting station, airport and a lot of other public places without fear. Shopping malls are replacing mom and pop shops and nothing is home made.

People work twelve to fourteen hours a day just to make rent and basic necessities.

A kid can’t go anywhere unless they are wrapped in bubble wrap and it is organized play. They will never know the joy of just running around until the fireflies come out and it is time to go home. Imagination has been replaced by organized play and thinking. The government is taking more and more of parenting out of parents hands. I got smacked sometimes and sometimes it was warranted. I survived just fine and even at this ancient age I can say my parents were right. I never questioned that they loved me and wanted me to learn how to navigate in the world. Now a parent lives in fear of being arrested if a teenager has a fit and calls the police.

Everyone is in their own little electronic, digital world. Conversation seems a thing of the past. Reading just for fun seems to be out of fashion and a lot of our youth get obese by living in basements playing video games.

No one dresses up for anything the whole world is casual. Including weddings and funerals. Poor me I never know which pair of jeans to wear. Are flip flops really appropriate for every occasion?

It is times like this that I am glad I am old. Being young in this new world must be pretty damned challenging.

What the hell happened?? Or is it just that the world is changing and I am not “with” it.