Black Heart

black lady secrets

She had a black heart,

Black as coal.

Cold as a moonless winter.

Wrapped it around her victims,

Strangled them left them for dead.

But they rose up

Sent her an evil lover

To wrap his dark mind around hers,

Rip out what was left of her black heart.

and he left her as a voiceless puddle,

Slowly oozing into the sewer. 

Such are the rewards of such a heart.

Guard yourself well 

Before you join her.



The Alien

Alone, alien, she lives in her own world

Her twisted path unfurled.

She draws you in with tendrils of lies

While secretly she despises

Your humanity, your care

She can’t repair

Her twisted mind, her hatred

Of all mankind.

You must be punished beaten down

Your reputation finished all over town.

She leaves you in tatters

and your mind shatters.

her two faces

Then the mask comes off so you can see

What she really came to be.

No feelings no empathy.

Her joy, your pain

You see her for her empty shell

In which she is doomed to dwell.

Nothing but a ghost

No heart has she,

Her soul is blank.

Empty as the sea,

dark and rank.

She lives in misery,

In swamps of hate.

There is no mystery,

of her soulless state.

She sucks the life

leaves nothing but venom.

Twists the knife

Into her victim.

Yet the joke you see is on her

Who she pains the most,

Emptiness to endure,

When you are nothing but a ghost.


Empty eyes

empty eyes

Her eyes were empty

Empty as her soul,

blank as the faces of her dolls

Sitting dusty on the shelf.

Devoid of love and feeling;

Devoid of empathy and justice;

Devoid of everything.


Seeking solace in nothingness.

She knows not peace.

But sits empty.

Voided by life and her black heart.

Made bitter by her hatred

everything she grasped at

turned to nothing in her hands.

The hearts she tore out

sit gasping on the wooden floorboards

they will love no more.

Destroyer of love.

of Friendship

her past is now her and she is nothing.

Just a pair of empty eyes.

End of the Road


She came to the end of the road

Put down her heavy load

Judgement day had arrived

For this she had survived.

End of the road full stop

A cliff side from which to drop.

Over she went

Drawn and spent

Gone was her lover

That too was over

No one to take her hand

To crossover to this unknown land.

Alone she spun in the air

All alone on the rocks there.

Too much to bear

Being grateful

being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise,

And in this world it’s no real surprise;

That people don’t see it,

Don’t see grace and be it.

Clean water, fresh air,

All are grace for being there.

A hand to hold when things are hard,

little posy, greeting card.

Sight to see the lovely earth,

Dying peacefully, giving birth.

Illness are born with grace,

When we realize this isn’t a race.

No one is getting out alive.

None of us will survive.

So live with joy, grateful for every day.

Don’t forget that along the way,

Our path is strewn with flowers,

our life is made of hours,

That pass oh so quickly by,

and that each of us one day will die.

It’s not in the length of life we win.

not the presence or lack of sin.

But within life’s tiny part,

Of how we grew a grateful heart.


ego lives in fear

Behind her mask she will hide

Building walls to keep the truth out

The truth could wound her pride

Show her for what she is truly about.

Not a woman but an empty shell

Gone without a soul

Blacker than the deepest well

To wound is her goal.

She lives in fear

of seeing herself in the mirror.

Mind games

mind games

Don’t pay with my mind

and try to creep on in

I know your kind

You will not win.

There are twists and turns

You will not see

My mind burns

So let it be.

Don’t swing in my head

Bouncing in here

I will fill you with dread

If you come near.

My mind is a mind field

Can sometimes go boom

You have no shield

Within this room.

Pain Invisible

People don't always show it.

People don’t always show it.

Pain invisible and binding
Through the body winding.
Silent as a ghost
Is its patient host.

Listing to the side
Where the pain abides
Going through the day
Twisted up that way.

The world not knowing
The pain that is growing
In a body and a soul
Stalwart always is the goal.

Appreciate your life without
Constant pain and doubt
That it can be endured
For one more day incurred.

Don’t assume my friend
That it will ever end
As every day living
With the pain that is given.

Silently, bravely they soldier on
While not speaking upon
That secret dark and sharp
Without a violin or harp.