No internet?


Yesterday for whatever reason there was little or no internet. It wasn’t just local service, friends of mine all over the country and in other countries reported the same thing. Calling Verizon Fios my provider didn’t help they just told me there was an “issue”. The incident seemed to go unobserved by the media. Now this made me curious. Could it be a hacker that got into the web and messed with all the works and they don’t want us to know? Is the web so used now that it is overloaded? Seems coincidental that Ramadan, Fourth of July and other holidays are coming up. It also made me think. What if one day we all woke up and there was no more internet? How would we cope?

Because of social media and the internet I have friends all over the world. Except for snail mail and who knows if that would work either as everything is computerized now I would have no way of contacting them. Even though some I have never physically met I feel very close to a lot of them. I wonder why. Could it be without the physicality we can truly know another person or is it that we project what we wish we could be and that is who others friend?

Without the internet, a lot of our lives would change drastically. For a medium that really has only gone mainstream in the past thirty or so years, it has changed all of our lives. Our blogs are a way of connecting and expressing ourselves. What if tomorrow they were gone? Would we then write stories again with pen and paper? How many of you would continue to write even though you aren’t getting the instant gratification of seeing others read your work?

Are we writers because of blogs and for no other reason?

All of this really made me stop and think. If we have enemies that want to take civilization down. They don’t need bombs to do it. Only a keyboard. That my friend is frightening.


Being grateful

being grateful

Simple things are blessings in disguise,

And in this world it’s no real surprise;

That people don’t see it,

Don’t see grace and be it.

Clean water, fresh air,

All are grace for being there.

A hand to hold when things are hard,

little posy, greeting card.

Sight to see the lovely earth,

Dying peacefully, giving birth.

Illness are born with grace,

When we realize this isn’t a race.

No one is getting out alive.

None of us will survive.

So live with joy, grateful for every day.

Don’t forget that along the way,

Our path is strewn with flowers,

our life is made of hours,

That pass oh so quickly by,

and that each of us one day will die.

It’s not in the length of life we win.

not the presence or lack of sin.

But within life’s tiny part,

Of how we grew a grateful heart.

Smoke in the Wind

oscar wilde self developement

via quote-the-aim-of-life-is-self-development-to-realize-one-s-nature-perfectly-that-is-what-each-of-us-is-oscar-wilde-288206.jpg (850×400).

It seems to me that we are all born with the task of finding ourselves. Some never do. Rushing here and there on pointless things and let’s face it most of life is pointless with important things wedged in between. Going to an office and pushing papers from one end of the desk to the other. Putting numbers and letters in a computer that a month from now won’t really matter. Doing one pointless task after the other our lives slip away.

We leave our inner selves starving.

Who are we really? Are we the entity that we know well in between our ears or are we the face we put forward to the world? What do we leave with? This quote makes me think of how hard it is to really know ourselves, our goals our real worth.

Are we the love we have created lessened by hate and anger?

To continue to learn and engage with the world makes us realize who we really are. Pieces of a whole puzzle the whole of humanity in one soul.

Just smoke in the wind trying to find itself.