Notes from an old dog with love


Photo by Gale A. Molinari of Mama Lucy and her little charge Leo
Mama Lucy passed away September 12, 2011
She was 15 years old. This is being posted for a friend that just lost her wonderful companion.

It has been wonderful being with you

taking care of the young ones

playing zoomies when I was a puppy myself,

but it is time to say goodbye.

We don’t have to stay as long,

There are no questions for us things just are.

I love you and will always be with you

love me enough to say good bye.

We don’t get the same Earth time as we go before

to make a place

for you in the sparkling meadow.

It isn’t forever you know.

My hearing is gone, so is my eyesight,

My old joints hurt too.

But the love I have will last forever

So let me go to be young again.

I will be there when it is your time.