Anyone else bored silly?

bored Alice

Enough with the geriatric athlete that wants to be a woman who is married to a woman and has six kids. Really enough. I am happy she got to do what she wants. Now she is an example. Every poor transsexual person will think that is what it is all about. What it is all about is a little self-respect. She transitioned that is wonderful I am so happy she could afford to do it. Not all can. It does occur to me that if you are proud then you don’t have photoshopped pictures you get real. Now if we could just have some real news? I mean really does every news source have to cover this to death? Now we will have a tv series. Kris Jenner is queen of the marketing geniuses and had no line she won’t cross in making a buck. That goes for this whole crew. Sorry end of rant but I am just really sick to death of all of it.