Shattered mind

Her break with reality is complete

Her mind has met defeat.

She skitters to and fro

Nowhere to go

But down and down

Into the abyss

Where all is amiss.

Shattered mind, empty soul

Destroys her role

As lover so divine

Vixen so sublime.

You see she looked too close

Saw the future as it arose

Around her

Inside her

To bind her

To her shattered mind.

Evil behind a pretty face

Evil face

Such a pretty young face,
to hide such a dark heart.
To show no trace
Of her black art.

She weaves the pain
The heartless schemes.
Destroys the name,
And all her dreams.

Who knew such a vicious snake
Could crawl and creep
just for evil’s sake
Disturb the sleep.

Of other souls and beings
Just for a comedy,
To create the beginnings
Of tragedy.

All is lost now.
Nothing is left.
She can but bow,
and be bereft.

Petit Trianon Temple of Love

Petite Trianon Temple of Love.bmp

Photograph by Gale A. Molinari Rights reserved.

This photograph of the Temple of Love at Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon has always to me invoked sad love. I can picture Marie Antoinette finally free of the pain she has suffered but still waiting for her love. Did she wait for Count Fersen as the legend says? Does she still?

Here I wait for you
My forever love
Gone from this world
I wait.

The veil is always there
between you and I
My Love
Never lifting.

The world fades
but still I wait
and will

Duty has called
it is done
I am free
but not free

As long as you are
beyond my reach
beyond my touch
beyond my love.