Black Heart

black lady secrets

She had a black heart,

Black as coal.

Cold as a moonless winter.

Wrapped it around her victims,

Strangled them left them for dead.

But they rose up

Sent her an evil lover

To wrap his dark mind around hers,

Rip out what was left of her black heart.

and he left her as a voiceless puddle,

Slowly oozing into the sewer. 

Such are the rewards of such a heart.

Guard yourself well 

Before you join her.



Social Anxiety it isn’t just in your head


The Third Largest Mental Health Care Problem

Social anxiety disorder (formerly termed “social phobia”) is a much more common problem than past estimates have led us to believe. Millions of people all over the world suffer from this devastating and traumatic condition every day, either from a specific social anxiety or from a more generalized social anxiety.

In the United States, epidemiological studies have recently pegged social anxiety disorder as the third largest psychological disorder in the country, after depression and alcoholism. It is estimated that about 7% of the population suffers from some form of social anxiety at the present time. The lifetime prevalence rate for developing social anxiety disorder is 13-14%.

Lucky Otter’s post on Introversion

I have always been painfully shy. Social Media has really been a God send for me. I can make friends without having to worry about how they perceive me physically. I am also not a physical person. My Italian family that I have by law have helped me to overcome that. They are so genuine that it seems normal but I wasn’t raised in that environment. Panic at large events is a big problem for me and I cannot stand being crushed but living in NYC and taking the subway helped me cope with it. It still isn’t very pleasant but at least I don’t have huge panic attacks and have to get off. When I moved here it was a huge problem getting to work. You can’t walk 25 miles back and forth every day. Taxis creep me out too. You can overcome it but it stays with you.

Really I don’t think of myself having a disorder just a challenge. Not everyone is a social butterfly. Being home with myself is wonderful I can go days without seeing another person with no problem at all. Others would go completely mad. I do live in my head a lot so maybe that is why. There is lots to do in my head.

Lucky Otter did a piece that I just read about introverts. This is probably most of what is me. If I spend my time with you, you are special. We aren’t really antisocial we just aren’t overly social. So if you have one of us in your life. Don’t drag us to concerts with thousands and wonder why we hate it. It is just the way we perceive the world. Also you with this same situation realize that not everyone is the same. Try to cope and you might just enjoy a social evening out.