I wonder what it is about social media that brings out the exhibitionist in some people. It can really become cringe worthy after awhile. So here is my rant about how much is too much to post.

Profile pictures seem to be just everything. I saw one with two men’s bare rear ends on a woman’s profile. Another had a BDSM picture of a woman. Now these profile pictures can be seen by anyone on the internet. They don’t last very long as they are sometimes so offensive they get reported and taken down like these two were. No one cares about your freaky sex life except for your significant other and maybe a couple hundred of your social media friends. Please share it with them not the rest of us. I have seen naked men’s butts they are hairy and do not make good profile pictures.

There seems to be a lack of a filter of common sense with some of the stuff that is posted. Personal stuff about relations, affairs, sexual proclivities. All on a public profile. People there is a little button you can click to make these things to your friends only. One assumes your friends are into the same sort of fun. That is fine I like a bit of spice as well as another person I just would choose not to share it with the world. If you are being cheated on dump them or keep them it is up to you but don’t discuss it with the rest of us. Honestly it is your PERSONAL problem. Think they cheated with someone else. Deal with them don’t drag out your ridiculous drama all over for others to see. Besides nobody can take someone else unless they want to go WAKE UP!

Some also put every picture they can post publicly of their children. Pedophiles are rampant on the internet. Why you would put those pictures for every stranger on social media is totally beyond me. Again try that little button. Share your wonderful kids, pets etc. with your friends people that you supposedly have some idea who they are. Also bear in mind that your pictures can be copied and used in places you probably don’t want them to be. You don’t want to see that wonderful picture of your children on some pedophile site.

Another older lady put where her city was and posted a huge diamond ring to brag to the world about her station in life. No doubt her name and address is in the local phone book. I only hope she has an alarm system in her house. She is going to need it. People put all kinds of personal information on their profiles including where they work and live. Social media is a stalkers paradise. Don’t feed them the information to stalk you unless you really need friends that badly.

Recently the US military informed their members that ISIS is stalking social media to find military members to attack. Don’t put your unit and pictures in uniform on your page. We know you are proud to be US military. We are proud of you too but want you to remain safe so use a filter. Make your profile as private as possible.

The rest of us also don’t want to know every detail about your personal life. Share your medical problems with your friends and family or don’t that is even better. People tire of that after awhile as they do all the poor me posts you put on your social media. The bottom line is use some common sense. There are almost a billion people on Facebook alone. Do you really want everyone of them to know your business???

tmi social media

Stay safe everyone. Think about what you post.

Veterans Day and the Military life


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Veterans Day is a special day to me. I am an Air Force brat. From 1963 to 1966 we were stationed at Sculthorpe AFB UK and Spangdahlem, Germany. This was just after the building of the Berlin Wall. I was very young so really didn’t get the seriousness of why were there. All the buildings were painted in camo. We shopped on the economy and really thought of it as home. While we were at Sculthorpe President John F. Kennedy was assassinated I can still remember the English coverage of the event and their sadness on the death of our president. After that my dad was transferred to Germany no doubt because of the increasing seriousness of the cold war.

When our time was finished in Germany we transferred to Lackland AFB where I would see the basics being trained to be sent to Vietnam. A lot of my dates ended up there. It was a very sad confusing time. These young men went to serve their country in a war that most of the country had come to hate. Every night the news was of other young men being killed there. It was a very sad confusing time. My dad was also military and we lived on the base. He got orders for Thailand which was just a jumping point for Vietnam. Because of a medical condition he was never sent there but it was always a possibility.

As you remember those that serve and honor them also take a minute to consider the military dependents who also serve. They have no control of what happens in their lives at any time they can be transferred, the parent can be sent where they cannot go and the remaining parent gets all the responsibility. It is a very hard life. Many who serve end up with physical and mental disabilities. The family can become disfunctional. These are all things that people give up to keep this country safe.

While I certainly do not agree with all the wars we enter into I honor those that have gone to serve.

With great respect and gratitude I salute you all.