What makes a person “Good”?

angel pondering

I was just chatting with some Facebook friends about someone that announced that they are a “Good” person. I hear others say they are a “Good Christian”. There are other variations as well but what is a “Good” person? Is it adhering to a certain religious doctrine? In that case is everyone that doesn’t “Bad”? Does the Universe or God consider only one religion “Good”? I doubt it. Is going about doing good then bragging about it make you “Good”?

What if we all just accepted one another as we are? Wouldn’t that make everyone “Good” except for those that harmed others out of evilness or spite? What if we didn’t think we were the judge of others, of whether or not they have chosen the correct way to live? Wouldn’t that be “Good”?

To me a good person does what he or she knows is the right and kind thing. They don’t denigrate people for any reason. They can argue with others in a respectful way. They give charity without it being known. They support others in their struggles.

It is just a thought but I think down deep everyone is “Good” with some it is just deeper than others and harder to reach. Maybe a “Good” person is the one that helps them dig.