Hey Abbé Lee Noble or will you drop the Noble when the divorce finalises?

And the specter rises this thing follows us all. She even commented on someone else’s blog that she hoped I died like my mate. Well, my mate suffered for a couple of years with incurable cancer. She lived in pain with bravery and grace something this sewer denizen knows nothing about. I don’t know what makes someone so mean and vile but I leave Karma to deal with her. I have no time to waste as life is precious as I learned from watching it ebb away from a truly good woman. Abbe Bayfield Noble or whoever you are this week all you get from me is my pity.


There are people in life who just get on with it; there are some people who for whatever reason are needy and attention seeking and in the past 2 years we, my friends who are also victims of stalking and bullying have ignored the rankings of our nutjob stalker. When our dear friend who was another victim of said stalker was seriously ill with cancer and going through the agonies of chemotherapy we had a discussion where she said she wouldn’t wish this on anyone, I said I would wish it on said troll and her reply was “no you wouldn’t because like me you’re too kind”. She suffered absolutely yet when the news broke that she’d died,  said bitch troll laughed, mocked, wished us all the same death and spewed vitriol that didn’t warrant a response. Two years of ignoring said troll so as not to feed her attention…

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