Constitutionalist or Not: That Is the Question

Indeed the Supreme court justices owe it to the country to be fair and steadfast. Otherwise they are traitors to the country. Politics should never enter any decision. If it does they should all be ashamed of letting us all down.

Reclaim Our Republic

Antonin Scalia Constitution

July 4, 2016 by SUZANNE HAMNER 

Conservative or liberal: what does that mean any more?  It is definitely difficult to say since many a conservative supports what amounts to a liberal position on some issues while liberals lean toward and support more of what amounts to socialism.  There are those designated “far left” who are still considered liberal but support out right communism.  Moreover, many conservatives are dubbed “right wing extremists” when taking a Biblical, constitutional view of issues in our republic.

However, regardless of where any label attaches itself to your lapel, first and foremost, we should consider ourselves constitutionalists.  The Constitution for the United States of America declared this confederation of sovereign states a republic.  It is the Constitution that sets down the limits of the three branches of the central (federal) government created by the people and the States.  This is the first and highest authority…

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