Stopping Traffic

My husband is a funeral director. People used to show a lot of respect for funerals. Is life so cheap, are you so busy you can’t wait with respect for a few minutes? Next time it could be someone you love.

Random Acts of Faith


via FTPTo the middle aged woman who gestured angrily and yelled as we passed…

To the thirty-something man in the power suit who honked and forced his black SUV through our line…

To the person who tried to pass us and then moved his car into our lane to block our progress…

Perhaps you don’t know. Perhaps you didn’t recognize the hearse and the flapping flags on the first few cars. Perhaps you didn’t notice that we all had our lights on and our hazards flashing. Perhaps your mama never taught you to show respect to the dead by showing kindness to the grieving.

You couldn’t know, of course, that the woman inside the hearse was only twenty years old. You couldn’t know that she leaves behind parents and siblings and a young husband and a one-year-old baby girl. You couldn’t know anything about the person in that hearse or…

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  1. warturoadam77p · July 13, 2016

    Agree 100%–please show respect to the families and loved ones. There have been, two relatives, and one good friend, pass away already this year. The last one, a little over a month ago.

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  2. Opinionated Man · July 13, 2016

    Respect for the dead takes so little effort! 😕

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