Narcissism or just selfishness???

An old post but thought it still relevant.


selfish toys

So we have talked a lot about the narcissist but how do you tell the difference between a really selfish person and a narcissist?? In a narcissist there just is no one else unless they are there to gratify the narcissists grandiose view of herself or himself. Others are just tools. From biological studies it has been determined that certain areas of the narcissistic brain just don’t fire like an ordinary person. I will not say normal because there really is no such thing we can say the average person. They are the center of the universe. People are gathered and discarded with ease. You are no more to them than a new car or other possession that signals their superiority to others. As long as you tow the line or they don’t get bored you are allowed their presence. However once a new object is seen and they are…

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