He called you what?!

Well you have to give him some credit for creativity and inspiration for a blog post. Funny how people that disagree have to post it due to gender. By the way you have to have a certain amount of intelligence to figure out a finger trap lets hope he got help with his LOL

See, there's this thing called biology...

I love the internet, a random dude called me the “Chinese Fingercuff equivalent of Feminine Insanity.” Amen! I am quite honored. I work very hard at it, so it’s quite lovely to be recognized once in a while.

No doubt he was quite impressed by my devastating debate skills and had to sink into the usual forfeit which leads one to just sputter some version of “help… girl cooties… insane….”

I suppose he may have intended it as an insult, but I have a habit of collecting these little treasures as evidence of a job well done.  I must admit, this one is very nice because I do rather shamelessly embrace all of those words with great delight.

I absolutely love Chinese fingercuffs. My brain can be just like those puzzles you stick your fingers in and try to wriggle your way out of. Nothing but traps, rabbit holes, puzzles…

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