Smoke in the Wind


oscar wilde self developement

via quote-the-aim-of-life-is-self-development-to-realize-one-s-nature-perfectly-that-is-what-each-of-us-is-oscar-wilde-288206.jpg (850×400).

It seems to me that we are all born with the task of finding ourselves. Some never do. Rushing here and there on pointless things and let’s face it most of life is pointless with important things wedged in between. Going to an office and pushing papers from one end of the desk to the other. Putting numbers and letters in a computer that a month from now won’t really matter. Doing one pointless task after the other our lives slip away.

We leave our inner selves starving.

Who are we really? Are we the entity that we know well in between our ears or are we the face we put forward to the world? What do we leave with? This quote makes me think of how hard it is to really know ourselves, our goals our real worth.

Are we the love we have created…

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