I think that we need to get back to a time when wit and intelligence won debates not bluster and shouting so that the media can get the ratings. The moderator should fade away he or she should not become part of that debate. It is yellow journalism to turn a political debate into a circus and a reality show.

The future of this country is too important for two parties to decide who should rule it. The two party system is strangling democracy and should be dismantled. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are creating an elitist system. Only the rich can even be considered to be able to rule. This is why we left England we wanted a Democracy one person one vote. I am not sure how the system can be changed but for sure if we don’t stand up to these two parties our government will be run by people that do not reflect the majority of Americans.

For the networks shame on you. Journalism should be neutral. Where is journalistic integrity? It seems to be left in the dust by the greed of the networks and politicians. We can only pray that good men and women of integrity stand up and let their voices be heard.


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