A Nazi Invasion of the Great Lakes.

Fascinating story. I had no idea!

Grumpa Joe's Place

Today, I almost fell out of my chair when a friend sent me an e-mail telling a story about a Nazi Submarine found in the Great Lakes. I had never heard this before even though I have kept up on WWII history. A story such as this one which strikes so close to home would have certainly made headlines in the locals. Evidently, the story was kept secret to prevent us from panicking.

I am particularly interested because submarines are still in existence, and they are more numerous today than they were in 1943. They are also stealthy and have many more weapons on them. When ever I hear a rumor that China, Iran  or any of the Mid-Eastern countries are seeking to own a submarine I get nervous.

In 1943, the Nazis were limited to where they could go in the Great Lakes. Today, with the Saint Lawrence Seaway open it…

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