Captured and Interviewed by Aliens

Beautiful Spring I don’t care if the aliens brought it.

All Things Chronic

Saturday Evening Interview 3-19-16

They arrived on a ship that suspiciously looked like a jet.

12DSC01830 (2)

This whole time, I thought they were trees, when they were actually interstellar beings.

01DSC01831.0 (2)02DSC01852.0 (2)

Their ship arrived, almost on top of me.

03DSC01840.0 (2)

What I’m trying to tell you is, the alien ship was shaped like a tree.

DSC01846.0 (2)

And the ship looked just like the aliens.

04DSC01843 (2)05DSC01835.0 (2)

The aliens tried to seduce me with blooming flowers…

05DSC01791 (3)06DSC01817 (3)07DSC01821 (3)

Then they tried to hypnotize me with beautiful colors…


I soon found out that the aliens knew about my obsession with balls — when they couldn’t hypnotize me with flowers and colors, they brought out the moon.

09DSC01849 (2)10DSC01848 (2)11DSC01849 (5)

Look at the moon, they chimed in unison. Answer all of our questions and we’ll let you go, they said.


I was tired, so I just gave in.

15DSC01820 (2)

I answered all of their questions truthfully, except for one…

16DSC01820 (5)

The aliens are like, why do you crop…

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What do you see?

What do you see when you see me?

An object of fun? or of inspiration

A child of love or desperation?

Do you see me at all

Or pretend not to see me fall?

We are all different not peas in a pod

All measured by the same rod

I have challenges, well so do you.

Are you the best at all you do?

Are you so perfect? So beautiful or smart

Or do you just contain a tiny heart?

For the way you see me is a mirror of your soul

In life what is your ultimate goal?

To seed hatred? Lack of compassion

Because that is the fashion?

I will be here at the finish line

and peace and accomplishment will be mine.

Careful who you poke

For you my friend might be the joke.

handicapped children at race



Age – Oscar Wilde does it again.



This book really hit the nail on the head. Some people want to be eternally young, sometimes it becomes delusional. Like Dorian Gray they try to hide from time. Fact is you can’t. Every age has it’s advantages and we should embrace them. Would I like to be twenty again? Hell no but I wouldn’t mind having the body that went with being twenty. I enjoy the age I am now. Stuff doesn’t bother me like it did when I was younger. As you grown older physical appearance becomes less important and the mind more important. At least I think that is the healthy way of looking at it.

I see women that dress like teenagers when their own beauty is not needful of it and it makes them look ridiculous. Botox and plastic surgery being overdone makes one look like a mannequin at best and a monster when overdone…

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Smoke in the Wind


oscar wilde self developement

via quote-the-aim-of-life-is-self-development-to-realize-one-s-nature-perfectly-that-is-what-each-of-us-is-oscar-wilde-288206.jpg (850×400).

It seems to me that we are all born with the task of finding ourselves. Some never do. Rushing here and there on pointless things and let’s face it most of life is pointless with important things wedged in between. Going to an office and pushing papers from one end of the desk to the other. Putting numbers and letters in a computer that a month from now won’t really matter. Doing one pointless task after the other our lives slip away.

We leave our inner selves starving.

Who are we really? Are we the entity that we know well in between our ears or are we the face we put forward to the world? What do we leave with? This quote makes me think of how hard it is to really know ourselves, our goals our real worth.

Are we the love we have created…

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Wise words and time goes by so fast. What will I leave, will we add to this world or take away from it? Time will tell but sometimes we let time get away from us and I think we all regret things we have not done.

A Momma's View

I guess we all wonder at some point what we will leave behind. What will be our legacy? Will the story of our life be told by our kids, grandchildren and their families or will everything just be forgotten?

Will we be able to leave a mark? A mark that actually matters and that will guide our loved ones to a better place?

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I used to Care

I used to care as Bob has said

whether you were alive or dead

the time has gone, the time has passed

I used to care but it didn’t last.

For who I thought you were was all a dream

All smoke and mirrors, you behind a screen.

The Wizard it turned out had no soul

Just manipulation was her goal.

Oh I used to care, I really did

But now has come the time to rid

Myself of you my psychopathic friend

For all good and bad things come to an end.

Truth will out and mirrors break

The smoke will clear and finally take

Away your veils, and show for what you are

Nothing much, and from afar

You are breaking up, breaking down

Nobody left around

For when there is nothing there but a shell

It only takes time to tell

and then we will stand and dare

To tell you we no longer care.