The Day After Christmas



Twas the day after Christmas, and all through my home,

Bits of paper still lay while my puppy dog roams.

The kids are still sleeping from gaming all night,

And FINALLY I’m seeing the sun’s shining light.

The water’s receding, though more rain’s to come.

And Dr. Who’s hiding the dishwasher’s hum.

I’ve posted on Facebook and played with the pup;

I’ll go to the gym if I ever get up.

This days for relaxing, the dog in my lap,

And then while it’s raining we’ll both take a nap.

At some point I’ll cook, and clean clutter galore,

While both of my kids play the game, Fallout 4.

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Wake up call

When are Americans going to wake up? We are the hardest working people in the world. Taking less vacation time every year so we have less time with our families we struggle to make a living, own a home, pay off college loans and just feed ourselves. Why then is our government so in debt? We are constantly sending money to other countries including this new global warming initiative. Why do we feel we have to solve all the world’s problems by throwing money at them? Are we a country of guilt? Because we have a higher standard of living? Mostly through our own hard work. Our government works because people are involved in it. Lately, though people seem to be letting our politicians get away with just throwing money away and buying off other governments.We cannot allow this to continue  ore we wil work ourselves to death to support others that don’t want to work or that are taking advantage of America’s generosity.

Helping others is a tradition in our country. Allowing people to immigrate to it is also a tradition. However, there is also the responsibility of those we help or allow to immigrate to add to the country and give back. We all need to work or our system is going to collapse. The few cannot continue to support those that will not contribute.

We also cannot continue to assume our system of government is going to work in other countries. We cannot fight the entire Islamic world with our ideas of democracy and peoples particularly women’s rights. It simply will not work. The height of arrogance is to think that our way is the correct way for all the countries of the world. If the people want Democracy they need to fight for it just like our forefather’s did.

Democracy is a messy, dirty, rough tough system of government. You need to believe in it. I hope that all Americans be they Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, Christian or Atheist fight together to preserve our freedoms. America must come first.

I liken it to a housewife that has a budget. She needs to feed, clothe and educate her own household. She cannot afford to give money that she doesn’t have to her neighbor that does not work or does not value the same things she does.

Let’s all work together and let our political leaders know that we are watching them and the time of waste and political nonsense is over.

We the People. That is the strength of all of us.



Welcome little spy

get smart phone

You think I don’t see you?

You think I am naive.

Slinking around on your belly

while your curiosity you relieve

Say hello to your little friends

I know they are here too.

I know you see

By the things that you do.

You are silly and strange

Bought really cheap

Information you arrange

To send them you creep.

The stalker can’t do it

The law won’t allow

So you do it yourself

You idiot cow.



Isis, Isil, Daesh by any other name just as dangerous

reason with religious people

Are you confused by these three terms? Essentially they are the same thing. The Islamic state group has rebranded and been branded several times. The group leaders would like to be known simply as the Islamic State. Why because this name brings to mind the groups recognition and propagation of the caliphate which is a state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph. Mohammed was the first of these.

The name ISIS comes from this groups invasion of Syria ISIS stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The other name is The Islamic State in the Levant. This is the Levant as you can see it takes up a lot of the world. This is the term used by US president Obama and his administration.

The Levant (/ləˈvænt/; Arabic: المشرق /ʔal-maʃriq/[1][5][6][7][8][9][10]) is an approximate historical geographical term referring to a large area in the eastern Mediterranean. In its widest historical sense, the Levant included all of the eastern Mediterranean with its islands,[3] that is, it included all of the countries along the eastern Mediterranean shores, extending from Greece to Cyrenaica.[1][2] The term Levant entered English in the late 15th century from French.[3] It derives from the Italian Levante, meaning “rising”, implying the rising of the sun in the east.[1][2] As such, it is broadly equivalent to the Arabic term Mashriq,[5] ‘the land where the sun rises’. The western counterpart in Arabic is the Maghreb,[5]and Ponente in Italian, meaning ‘west, where the sun sets’.[11]

The name Daesh was announced to be used by the French government(Daech spelled in French) This is the full Arabic name for the Islamic state group (Al-Dawla Al-Islamiya fi Iraz wa ash-Sham. It is sometimes spelled Daiish or Da’esh.

Whatever it is called it is growing. It is not some little rag tag group. They have billions of dollars from the oil fields seized in that region. Their purpose is to spread Islam all over the world. This conflict between East and West, Muslims and Christians is nothing new. It spawned the crusades and the takeover of Alexandria and Egypt in the 7th century.

It is a real threat do you think that will that kind of money and following they cannot get the materials for a bomb, recruit brilliant persons of dubious mentality? Send women to bomb markets? Shoot up innocent people all over the world? This is a brutal group and the rest of the world needs to stand up to them or perish. It is not a war of polite people this is a war against extremism. The world including our president needs to wake up and take the lead to stop these brutal people from murdering more innocent people. The next step could be a bomb of biblical proportions. These are not religious people that just want to follow their religion they want to beat us over the head until we all succumb and are added to the caliphate.





Common Sense

common sense paine

The news lately is full of terror and fear,

Of all the things, we hold dear.

Freedom, equality are most rare

and threatened by evil laid bare.

We need protection that is for sure

But in order for our freedom to endure

We need to also hold our heads up high

Let the fear go by.

No county in my mind is so free

As ours continues to be.

Let common sense guide us

Ignorance not divide us.

For those that threaten free people,

Tear down each library and church steeple

Are the enemy not our countrymen.

Stand up all both men and women.

Freedom will burn and fade,

The caliphate made,

Using our own fear,

Of losing that we hold dear.

For to live without being free

Is no way to be.

Live your life, stand up proud

For the freedoms we are allowed

Are worth being brave

If our very souls we save.