Old friend Jill


Delusional and infantile

Crawling with self-importance

Living inside your own mind

Where no one or nothing else matters.

They have seen you the anonymous

Eaten you whole

Left only the carcass

Of someone we used to know.

Look inside yourself

Find the hollow

empty shell of

who you used to be.

Goodbye old friend

Sad to say we never were

You lived with the monster

Inside yourself and



broken in two

She loved him so much you see

Thought he would change

Even after he hit her – HARD

He said he was sorry – SHE BELIEVED

Never going to happen again.

Until the next time he did it


Left her with a black eye

She said she hit it on the door

Nobody believed

But they minded their own business.

He loved her, he really did.

Otherwise why would he be so jealous?

She was his wasn’t she?

His property, branded with pain.

They found her in the woods,

She was broken

Her skull shattered.

But she loved him

So much.

Too much.

Cold as ice

cold as ice

She is cold as ice

Will shatter your heart

Slice by slice.

She comes as warm as Spring

With all her sweet charms

All the false love she can bring.

Turns off all your alarms.

Slithers and snakes her way

into your life and soul.

Makes you stop and stay

Ripping you up is her goal.

Drip by lethal drip of ice

till your blood runs cold

Slice by lethal slice

Until like vampires of old

She leaves you empty and finished

Your life and soul diminished.

Reality Wednesday 

Own it!

Souldier Girl

“Men have the drive to provide for their family- it fuels their being. This is something a woman just does not understand”.

-Random Person

Whaaaaat?!! Is this really the belief in current circulation? That is more of a rhetorical question. I am not here to battle or call anyone out. I am here to share about this woman (ah hem…me) and maybe shed some light on dusty minds…

I understand

The drive

The passion

Every pulse of this being

Beating through my breath and body

Is a mama warrior fighting

Forget the ladder

And crush that glass ceiling

Baby, I am outside your window

Scaling that sky scraping building

Full time, part time, side jobs…

One, two, sometimes…

Three jobs

Earning my stripes

Throw my suit in the “provider” fight

So, with all due respect


Yes- I do understand

The drive to provide for my family

For when I…

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Wow love this showhouse in California. How the other half live.

Home sweet model home

Marilyn Munrow


Some people think that a showhouse is something that people live in. It is not. A show house,or as we Americans call it, model home, is by defininition, a new house that people go to look around, with a view to buying one just like it.

My house is a home not a showhouse. I love my home. I do not have to post pictures of the outside, or the inside to show people how i want them to think i live. I do not care what they think to be honest.

I live a very happy life, i have a wonderful family, a lovely home and the best friends in the world. And i love my pets. Not everybody can say that now, can they?

Never mind my little stalker, i know you still follow me, I like it. You just get yourself mad knowing that i am a…

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