Snow White and the 7 trolls complete version lol

Oh my such a sorry tale.


We all hope for a happy ending don’t we?  Sadly, life is not always a fairy tale and it is how we deal with the not so happy endings that makes a person.

Poor Snow White’s life today isn’t quite what the fairytale foretold. She’d married her Woodman and with all the wedded bliss Snow White and the Woodman had gotten a bit lax on the laundry, cooking and cleaning up after them so the  7 dwarves had run off to do  pantomimes as they were so fed up with Snow White bossing them around so Snow White was left all alone and had to do all her housework herself. luckily for her their apartment in the woods was quite bijou.

Now, during the “honeymoon” period, the Woodman had started caring more of his appearance so he got his teeth fixed, had a bit of botox changed from his lumberjack…

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