Childhood free of fear


A promised future turned to black,

There is no turning back.

The beach will always remain.

Swimming never be in vain.

Against the tide against the troll.

Farther off we find the goal.

Til freedom we have in sight.

We will continue the fight,

For childhood and against fear,

The goal is ever near,

For a summer fit for a child,

Who once was at peace now is wild.

So take our hands our little friend

Your hell is now at an end.

Young Boy on Rope Swing under Pohutukawa Tree at Sunset, Thames, Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand

Young Boy on Rope Swing under Pohutukawa Tree at Sunset, Thames, Coromandel, North Island, New Zealand

Does a narcissist ever realise they are one?

Sad but a narcissist thinks everything is about them even if they are excruciatingly boring.


Just a ponderence really but I still don’t fully understand narcissism – I reaise the main points but the depths the narcissists feelings go makes me curious. Having been bullied by a narc for 2 years approximately along with 3 other dear friends I learned a great deal but  always thought deep down they know they are the bully not the victim or the self centred one not the listener/carer. We, the 4 victims got a good result from the Police and she is mainly not even a dot on my landscape yet I’ve just been told she is still bleating on about how we profess to know her but don’t…. well we go by all the information you gave us love; we apparently are still watching and checking her out …Yawn.  We have lives love, you need to get one. Apparently, we think we know everything…. nobody knows everything…

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Jupiter Star


Our mind is extremely powerful. Our mind is so powerful in fact that it possesses a divine imprint for creativity.With our creative mind that we all possess we can render into our reality what we consistently believe and think of.

Therefore, as we emerge towards the precipice of a direct manifestation from a universal power greater than we are, let us use our power of belief within ourselves to transform our reality into what we truly desire to see happen within our lives.

Truly believing in productive positive affirmations about ourselves and aspirations as if they presently exist in our current reality is an extraordinary fundamental concept that will transform our lives.

Belief then is the main foundational component or building block to attracting what we desire.

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