Yes i am the Queen of Hearts.

Hahahahhaahhaa love this poem. You must do more!!!

Marilyn Munrow

queen mm

The Queen of Hearts, she met some tarts, who stalked her every day,

They went too far, and the Queen got pissed and chased them all away.

Then one day, the constabulary came by and took the tart trolls to jail.

But the judge said. “Off with their heads” but they ignored the judge, it failed.

So the Queen gathered her loyal friends to see the bitches were licked

She backed them into a corner and told them, go away or end up in the nick.

Of course they ignored it and one even pretended to be suicidal and sick

Well of course she is a narcissist and and could not see the wood for the trees,

She acted her part stupidly and the authorities brought her down to her knees.

See you cant fool a Queen for long, without repercussions, Karma is a calling

And when Karma knocks on…

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  1. ally1lakeside · July 29, 2015

    Absolutely fantastic poem. Reblogging.

    Liked by 1 person

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