At what cost Cinderella? Life isn’t a fairytale.

Sad little Cinders but that is what happens when you consort with wicked Queens.


I find it so very sad when someone loses everything dear to them due to illness, whether mental illness such as narcissism or similar.

Now when Cinderella met her Prince at the Ball neither of them knew what the future would hold; Cinders felt she’d found her forever mate and the Prince found his for now mate…. not at all fairytale is it?

After the wedding (where the Prince saw a glimpse into the future and tried to run away) Cinderella loved everything the Prince could offer her, the job, the palace and being especially materialistic this suited her fine. Possessiveness is a dirty thing and Cinders, having found out her |Prince was not as squeaky clean as she thought began to get very very possessive that the Prince backed off more from. Flirting with other women inscensed Cinderella and she began to show signs of narcissism which the Prince…

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